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The Gazelle Leaps into the History Books Again (diary entry)


          “Learn from the Fight” Lesson: Floyd Patterson versus Ingemar Johansson Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship 20.06.1960 It had been almost a year to the day that Ingemar Johansson had shocked the world with his upset victory over Floyd Patterson. Johansson became an instant celebrity and was the first Swede to win a world title. He had also handed Patterson both his second career defeat and his first knockout. During a match that Patterson said he had […]

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Toonder and Lightning (diary entry)


This lesson looked at the rise of Swedish boxing sensation, Ingemar Johansson as he emerged as a threat to reigning world champion, Floyd Patterson. This was followed by Patterson’s defence of his world title against Brian London. Ingemar Johansson versus Henry Cooper European Heavyweight Championship 19.05.1957 Jens Ingemar “Ingo” Johansson was born on 22nd September 1932 in Gothenberg, Sweden. There isn’t a lot recorded in the public domain of his background prior to boxing but by 1951 he had was part of the […]

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Patterson’s Dominance (diary entry)


05.10.2022 Wednesday’s “Learn from the Fight” focused on Floyd Patterson’s continued dominance as world heavyweight champion, covering his second defence of the title in 1957 and his third defence in 1958. Patterson’s manager and head coach, Cus D’Amato refused to do business with the mob but this cost him opponent choices. He only had access to fringe contenders and had to steer clear of the big boxing venues in New York and Chicago. The first of these contenders was an […]

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The Gentleman, The Kid & The Little Terror (diary entry)


14.09.2021 “Learn from the Fight” included a couple of short reviews of significant boxing events before we went back to the new reigning heavyweight champion, Floyd Patterson, make his first defence of the world title. Alphonse Halimi versus Mario D’Agata NYAC and Ring World Bantamweight Championship 01.04.1957 Alphonse “The Little Terror” Halimi was born on 18th February 1932 in Constantine, Algeria. He was Jewish and born into a country that was impacted severely by the Second World War. He was […]

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The Gentleman’s Rise & Boston’s Bomber (diary entry)


Wednesday morning’s lesson saw us firmly set foot in 1955, having covered fights in both ’54 and ’55 in the previous two lessons. Today we looked at the rise of 20 year-old Floyd Patterson as he took on Willie Troy in something of a non-title catchweight competition and a short clip of Johnny Saxton’s first welterweight title defence against Tony DeMarco. Floyd Patterson versus Willie Troy 07.01.1955 After experiencing his first loss against Joey Maxim in June 1954, Patterson immediately […]

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The Last Great Fights of Joey Maxim (diary entry)

patterson vs maxim

02.03.2022 Today on “Learn from the Fight” we continued to look at the career of my personal favourite, Archie Moore, but also the rise of Floyd Patterson. Almost by default the star of the show became Joey Maxim, a skilled boxer who has regularly appeared in these lessons. These were two of his last truly good fights before he began losing more than he won. The fights are memorable for different reasons as we will see. Archie Moore versus Joey […]

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