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Boxer-Puncher versus Out-Boxer & Swarmer (diary entry)

ike williams3

31.08.21 Tuesday’s “Learn from the Fight” lesson focused on two championship bouts where Isiah “Ike” Williams defended his World Lightweight title. Williams was born in Brunswick, Georgia on 2nd August 1923. He moved to Trenton, New Jersey as a boy and apparently worked as a newsboy. He turned professional in 1940 aged 17. He fought 157 fights, including newspaper decisions, with an official record of 128 wins (61 KOs), 24 losses and five draws. He was a natural lightweight and […]

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Sugar Ray Robinson 1940-1946 (diary entry)

ray robinson 3

  Tonight’s learn from the fight/fight history lesson shone its light on Sugar Ray Robinson. Using what scant and poor footage there was available of Robinson during his pre-title welterweight years, we reviewed highlights from four fights. Born Walker Smith Jnr., he changed his name to Ray Robinson in order get an Amateur Athletic Union membership card when he was just 15. The card was denied to fighters who were under 18. He borrowed a birth certificate from an older […]

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Buddy & Joe (diary entry)

joe louis buddy baer 1

13.07.21 We picked up with Joe Louis’s boxing journey when he faced Jacob Henry “Buddy” Baer, younger brother (by six years) of Louis’s former opponent and the former world heavyweight champion Max Baer. Joe Louis versus Buddy Baer 1941 Although a 10-1 underdog, Buddy Baer was a legitimate contender for the world title. Like his brother, he was a pure slugger in style and had an impressive 85% KO record. Some records have him fighting 58 times, others 62. All […]

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Five Ranges & Night of the Boxers (diary entry)

kid chocolate vs tony canzoneri 1

06.07.21 Tuesday night’s fight history remained in the 1930s for a review of 1931’s first clash between Kid Chocolate and Tony Canzoneri. That year Max Schmeling defended the world heavyweight title against Young Stribling by technical knockout in the 15th round, establishing his reputation as a legitimate holder of the title. That match was rated as fight of the year by Ring magazine. However, there are others that would give the credit to the aesthetically pleasing World Lightweight Championship that […]

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Master of the In-Fight (diary entry)

armstrong vs ross 2

22.06.21 My second lesson on Tuesday night and my client’s course on fight history and analysis continued with Henry Armstrong taking the centre stage and acting as the vehicle through the lighter divisions of the 1930s. He was supported by Barney Ross and Lou Ambers, two other greats of that era. Henry Armstrong Real name was Henry Melody Jackson Jnr. And his nicknames included Homicide Hank, Hammerin’ Hank and Hurricane Hank. His father was of African American, Irish and Native […]

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The Sixth King or Joe Louis Cleans House! (diary entry)


15.06.21 Tonight’s fight history lesson looked at the emerging career of Joe Louis in relation to the five world heavyweight champions that preceded him. Joe Louis had disproportionately large fists, like Dempsey he had wide shoulders and a narrow chest. He had an all over athletic physique with particularly muscled limbs. Many, including his own trainers, considered him to be a manufactured fighter. He stood in shoulder width stance with lead toe in line with rear heel for stability and […]

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Wills, Walker and Loughran (diary entry)

loughran vs braddock diary

25.05.21 Tuesday night’s private teacher consultancy lesson on fight history kept us in the 1920s to cover three more greats that shone in that era. Harry “The Black Panther” Wills vs Luis Firpo (Heavyweight No Title Match) 11.09.1924 Harry Wills is regarded as one of the most egregious examples of a heavyweight boxer denied his opportunity to fight for the biggest prize in his profession. Wills fought most white heavyweight contenders of his era and exhausted the World Coloured Heavyweight […]

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