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The Kings Hold Firm (diary entry)


06.03.2022 Wednesday’s “Learn from the Fight” saw Archie Moore and Rocky Marciano fight rematches against two of their worthiest contenders in 1954. Archie Moore versus Harold Johnson Undisputed World Light Heavyweight Championship 11.08.1954 After successfully defending his title for the second time against Joey Maxim earlier that year, Archie Moore took two non-title bouts against Bob Baker and Bert Whitehurst. He won them both by technical knockouts in the ninth and sixth rounds respectively. Come August he was signed to […]

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The Return of Ezzard Charles (diary entry)

Charles vs Satterfield

09.03.2022 My second lesson of Wednesday was “Learn from the Fight” where we picked up the career of former heavyweight champion Ezzard Charles. The last we had seen of Charles was his rematch and fourth fight with Jersey Joe Walcott, a loss by unanimous decision that had squared both fighters at two fights a piece ending their feud. Charles’s felt he had won their final bout and told the reporters so but was stoic in his composure. The Associated Press […]

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Gavilán, Marciano & Walcott (diary entry)

walcott v charles 4

04.01.2022   Tuesday night’s “Learn from the Fight” we stepped back to 1951 as Kid Gavilán challenged Johnny Bratton for the undisputed World Welterweight Championship. Then it was back to Rocky Marciano in 1952 as he fought a rematch against Gino Buovino on his way to the world heavyweight title. Later that year the actual title was being contested in yet another rematch between Jersey Joe Walcott and Ezzard Charles.   Kid Gavilán versus Johnny Bratton World Undisputed Welterweight Championship 18.05.1951 […]

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The Machine Gun (diary entry)


09.11.2021 Joey “Machine Gun” Maxim was the light-heavyweight champion in 1952 when Archie Moore was finally given his shot at the title.  Tonight, we had a look at Maxim and two interesting bouts he fought prior to finally giving Archie Moore his shot. Born Giuseppe Antonio Berardinelli on 28th March 1922 in Collinwood, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, he earned the ring-name Joey Maxim after the Maxim gun, the world’s first self-acting machine gun. This came from his rapid use of the […]

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Cinderella Man 2 (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2021-10-13 at 09.19.00

12.10.2021 Tuesday night’s second lesson was “learn from the fight” where we reviewed highlights from Ezzard Charles and Jersey Joe Walcott’s second fight and the entirety of their third clash. Ezzard Charles versus Jersey Joe Walcott World Heavyweight Championship 07.03.1951 It had been two years since Walcott and Charles had last met to fight for the then vacant NBA heavyweight title. Charles had emerged the victor on a unanimous decision and then gone on to beat the man who had […]

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