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More Escapes from Side Control (diary entry)

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15.06.20 Tonight my client completed her fourth lesson in her second MMA course, which has largely become a Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting course. We continued going over pin transitions and spent more time on escaping side control. The lesson began with ground-fighting callisthenics. These moves began with the bottom position as we dynamically stretched through upas, snakes, side winders and did some neck conditioning. I also introduced three exercises to drill the guard position. We then moved onto the top position with […]

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More Submissions & Escapes (diary entry)


15.11. 19   My Friday night junior class brought my clients up to the sixth hour of their course on Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting. We covered escaping from side control, scarf-hold and the north south positions as well as submissions from knee pin, reverse scarf-hold and mount.   We warmed up with various crawls and sport-specific callisthenics before moving onto pinning transitions. Then we picked up on individual pinning positions and simple submissions. This began with the knee-pin where we set up […]

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