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Framing & Tempo (diary entry)

14 04 20

14.04.20   Tuesday night’s first online video lesson was my regular train the trainer coaching session. During lockdown, I am training a mother and daughter to run through various Muay Thai and Dutch Kickboxing inspired training drills. We looked more into framing, tempo, the calf-kick and expanding combinations.   We warmed up with one-for-one kicking drills. Hand setups for kicks are now a given but I began emphasising the use of frames, pawing jabs and other hand obstructions that can […]

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Check, Check, Check (diary entry)

shin block

10.03.20   Tuesday night’s teacher training continued with our Dutch Kickboxing inspired drills. These are aggressive flow drills designed to promote faster counters as well as using Western Boxing combinations to set up kicks and vice versa.   We went through last week’s triple combination flow drill and then we looked at using the shin-check to launch a counter.   The first two combinations were counters to a low round kick. The check is a technique that should be used […]

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New Pads, Harder Kicks! (diary entry)


03.03.20   Tuesday night’s second class was my teacher training client. We used Dutch Kickboxing as inspiration for a series of drills to promote a more aggressive approach to our close-quarter fighting as well as more free flow at the new range and the chaining of kicks with punching combinations.   We began with back and forth kicking. This drill is designed to prompt a fast response to receiving a kick. Each kick should be delivered as soon as the […]

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Low Kick Clinic (diary entry)

low kick jamie

25.02.20   My teacher training was entirely focused on low kicks this Tuesday night. We trained for their correct execution, defence and chaining with punches and other kicks.   We used the Dutch style of drilling low kicks, prompting immediate return kicks after receiving a kick. This was first done directly to targets and then as a shin-check exchange exercise. We looked at correct pivoting and driving through the target. The use of the hands also came into play before […]

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Kicking Back & Escaping the Mount (diary entry)

escape from mount 2

15.05.19   Wednesday’s second two lessons consisted of junior Muay Thai and Senior Submission Grappling. The former lesson involved working a lot on piecing the game together, reviewing Western Boxing from the previous course and merging aspects from the different disciplines. The second lesson focused entirely on escaping the mount position.   We began the junior lesson an exercise for drilling faster returns and recoveries from kicks. The exercise is performed very lightly with the two training partners taking and […]

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