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Calf Kick to Double-Leg Takedown (diary entry)

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27.02.2023 Hour three of my couple client’s Mixed Martial Arts course looked at using an inside calf kick to set up a double-leg takedown. We began with a warm-up of level changing exercises against resistance. Although today’s techniques are both low line attacks, the calf kick comes from the stand-up range and is executed from a higher stance than the double-leg. Moving onto the combinations, we used the rear arm post, which is often used when throwing a round kick, […]

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Strike & Shoot (diary entry)

takedown zoom athena karate

30.01.2023 My couple clients began their 10 hour full MMA course. This is following their 3 x 10 hour courses on MMA clinch, submission grappling and MMA ground fighting. We began with using the jab to set up low line shoots for the single and double leg. These setups were drilled using level shifts. The fighter attacks the highline with jabs before switching to the body  and then immediately going back to the head. This last punch is designed to […]

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Setting up for the Double Leg Shoot (diary entry)

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14.03.2022 Monday brought my couple clients’ to the fourth hour of their current course on MMA clinch. We returned to covering eight MMA combinations specifically designed to set up the double-leg takedown. This week we covered combinations two and three. These are described in my previous lesson report from last Thursday.  Today we broke down different ways strikes can be used to make an opponent vulnerable for the double-leg shoot. Two obvious ways is to make the opponent adopt a […]

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Double Legs and Sprawls (diary entry)


07.02.2022 The penulimate lesson of this course on the clinch, focused on the double-leg takedown and its defence. I integrated shadowing the double-leg takedown as part of our warm-up going immediately into the execution of the classic version of thsi technique. This involves shooting with the knee to the ground and the head tightly on the side. From here the fighter uses the drive from the ground to break the opponent’s posture, pushing one with their head and lifting the […]

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Teacher Development Programme: Grappler’s Clinch Cont. (diary entry)

Double leg takedown Zoom

02.11.2021 Tonight we moved onto the ninth hour of my client’s teacher development programme booked by Denmark’s Holstebro Taekwondo Klub via Zoom. We picked up grappling clinch training again, looking at counters to the rear waist-lock/bear hug as well as training three variations on the double-leg takedown. Waist-lock defence used the cut-off footwork and counter with a waist-lock. The rear bear hug used a rear single leg takedown defence The first double-leg take-down was the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu version, which […]

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Working the Clinch (diary entry)

26.11.20 Ahead of teaching my client’s martial arts class on Monday, I suggested that we have a teacher consultancy lesson covering the clinch. Monday’s lesson is all about anti-grappling in connection to my “When Parents Aren’t Around” webinar series. Through experience, I have learned that it is important for students to have an understanding of stand-up grappling if they are to use effective tools to extricate themselves from a grappling situation. This is also important for partner work. It seems […]

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Arm Triangles and Snake Chokes (diary entry)


11.05.20   The ninth lesson of my client’s Mixed Martial Arts course saw her and her fellow self-isolated partner focus a lot on ground-work. We stayed in side-control, prompted some escapes and looked at set-ups for submissions.   The lesson began with some simple callisthenics, movement exercises and dynamic stretching starting with the neck and ending with the calves. We then moved into some shadow boxing, drawing combinations and individuals techniques from stand-up and clinch ranges. Training then went to […]

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Low Kicks, Double Legs and the Americana (diary entry)

low kick jamie

04.05.20   The eighth hour of this client’s current course in Mixed Martial Arts training continued in lockdown. My client is self-isolated with a partner who has agreed to train with us. Tonight we spent time working on some low-kick combinations, two versions of the double leg takedown and Americana from side control.   We began with our usual warm up of dynamic stretching and sport-specific callisthenics. My two clients then partnered off for some footwork. This was followed by […]

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Video Training: Chaining MMA Techniques (diary entry)

drop level

30.03.20   My client began her third hour in Mixed Martial Arts training. This is her second live video link tutorial. We went back over details for the double-leg takedown, the sprawl and two break-falls. We also continued ground work positions and focused a lot on chaining and transitioning techniques.   We warmed up through the usual callisthenics and dynamic stretching exercises. Then I began technical work with the simple high and low jab. The low jab involves changing levels […]

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Wrestling combined with Submission Fighting (diary entry)


04.02.20   Tuesday night brought my client up to the ninth hour and penultimate lesson of his second Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting Lesson. Tonight we looked to begin our journey to a Mixed Martial Arts Single Objective Path and combined stand-up grappling/Wrestling with Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting.   After a series of specific dynamic stretches and callisthenics – combining Wrestling and Ju Jutsu exercises – we began a double-leg/guillotine drill. This particular drill had been shadowed in the callisthenic exercise previously. The fighter sprawls […]

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Firing High, Shooting Low (diary entry)

single leg 2

21.10.19   Monday night began my client’s new course on MMA. Having just come off a few stand-up striking orientated courses and we will be looking towards a submission grappling/ground-fighting course in the near future, these lessons will serve as a type of link. I will work a lot on the clinch as this is really the connecting range between stand-up and ground. Tonight we covered using strikes to set up for shoots.   We began with a thorough warm-up […]

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Breaking Grips and Combining Techniques (diary entry)

In-fighting attack1

06.07.19   Saturday’s second lesson brought my two junior clients onto the sixth hour of their course on the clinch/stand-up grappling. We looked at linking techniques together and resistance-based training.   The lesson began with a series of wrestling-based callisthenics. We then moved onto partner drills such as bulling (neck and elbow tie) and pummelling (over hook/under hook). Next we revised the two-on-one, which led us onto chaining techniques together as well as breaking grips. We did some grip sparring […]

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Classic Double-Leg Take Down (diary entry)

double leg

29.06.19 Saturday’s second lesson brought my two junior clients up to the fifth hour of their clinch course. We went back over all three lines of attack and I introduced the double-leg take-down. We warmed up with dynamic stretches, Indian press-ups and Indian squats. Then we went straight into break-fall/rolling combinations from all directions. The lesson moved onto the collar and elbow tie-up, where both my client got a fluid exchanges of bulling. This moved them onto outer reap entries. […]

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Progressive Grappling Sparring (diary entry)


28.05.19   Tuesday night saw my client reach the sixth hour of his basic course in stand-up grappling. We continued work linking up grips, sweeps and takedown entries. I was keen to involve more live, resistance-based work but not at the cost of poor fundamentals. Therefore, the lesson was as follows:   Warm-up of Indian Press-ups and Squats, dynamic stretching and exercises geared towards the actions to be performed today. We then went back through all our break-fall/roll combinations at […]

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Enter the Double-Leg Takedown (diary entry)

double leg takedown

07.05.19 Tuesday night’s lesson was the third hour of my client’s my Basic Course on Clinch/Stand-up Grappling for Martial Arts Cross Training. In addition to revising previous material we moved onto low-level takedowns, spotlighting the double-leg takedown. We warmed up with Indian press-up and Indian squats. These are great callisthenics and forms of dynamic stretching that are heavily utilised in Indian wrestling. We then moved onto combined break falls and rolls. This was followed with bulling, working the collar and […]

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Conditioning the Lead Side (diary entry)

Straight lead

22.02.19   The first lesson of the morning began my long-time client on his course of Combat Conditioning. We worked on improving speed and power as well as the underlying fitness needed to execute jabs, lead leg teeps and double-leg takedowns – all lead side techniques.   The lesson began with a series of callisthenic/mobility exercises focusing on combative movement. We then looked at the jab from both stances. In order get maximum movement, flexibility and to keep the lead […]

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