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Dirty Boxing Interval (diary entry)

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13.09.2023 With my 1.5 hour client nursing a niggling knee injury we decided to take a break from takedown training and to look at how some of the grappling techniques transferred into Dirty Boxing. We began with a review of the foundational holds, grips and positioning we have been training. I also introduced a skull-snatch hold but not into a throw. Then we went back through some body-shot training. This was then combined with the upper body grappling. Finally we […]

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Clinch in MMA (diary entry)

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19.05.2022 My long-term client picked up on his return to MMA revision, finishing at hour seven of a 10 hour scheduled course. Tonight we moved onto the clinch in MMA. After a warm-up and a series of muscle activation exercises, we moved onto partner work. From here we drilled collar and elbow ties, pummelling over-hooks and under-hooks, before moving onto some grip-fighting. Next we went back through some dirty boxing combinations before working a five minute round of clinch-based focus […]

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Expanding on In-Fighting (diary entry)

clinch sweep

18.04.2022 My couple clients’ eight and ninth hours of their 10 hour course on MMA clinch looked at various ways dirty boxing could be used as counters and set-ups. We began with revision on upper-body holds such as the collar/elbow and over-hook/under-hook drilling. From here we looked at how the collar ties can not only be accessed by using hooks but also immediately turned into posting tools to set up rear hand straights and elbows. From here the straight strike […]

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Strike to Grip, Grip to Strike (diary entry)

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04.04.2022 Hour seven of my couple clients’ course on the clinch was conducted via Zoom on Monday. We went back over the material previous covered in more detail, working to build more effective tactics and behaviours. After the warm-up we looked at rolling/weaving, switch-hitting and shifting footwork. This approach is very akin to the Rocky Marciano style of swarming, The weaving and foot shift enables a fighter to close distance on a striker very quickly whilst maintaining a good defence. […]

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Dirty Boxing Against the Wall and Takedowns (diary entry)

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03.08.20 Monday night’s second lesson was the fifth hour of my Danish client’s course. We covered collar tie punching, drilling against the wall, takedowns from the wall and transitioning from stand-up to clinch in addition to previous material covered. The lesson began with a full shadow boxing warm-up of Kickboxing, Boxing and Muay Thai. We then moved onto some collar and elbow clinching, which led us onto collar-tie punching. Training then went to the wall where we drilled two types […]

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Under-Hook Strike (diary entry)

body clinch

13.07.20 The second of my teacher Denmark’s six-part course on Dirty Boxing and Kickboxing included striking from an under-hook position. We warmed up with some boxing and kickboxing shadow sparring before my client and his daughter went back through last week’s dirty boxing combinations. Here we discussed a few points on footwork, retaining the guard position and getting closer. I then chained on the low inside round-kick after a knee-bump. Finally, I introduced under-hooking and how to strike whilst clinching […]

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Zoom Training in Denmark (diary entry)

Mikael Oddershede Gym

06.07.20 Tonight began my Danish client’s first hour of a six hour course on Dirty Boxing and Kickboxing. Today he trained with his daughter and our work included both Muay Thai line-work and Dirty Boxing training on the focus mitts. He is a Tae Kwon Do teacher who attended my “When Parents Aren’t Around” seminar last year hosted by Hinnerup Karate and was my translator on both days. His students were of a high calibre and did well in the […]

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Setting up Shoulder Bumps (diary entry)

hook video training

26.05.20 Tuesday night’s Skype live video training brought my teacher training back into the realm of Dirty Boxing but now with the hindsight of Muay Thai/Dutch Kickboxing. Much of the work was focused on moving the fight towards a wall and using the shoulder bump. The warm-up consisted of footwork partner-work which we moved into cornering and escape drills. This is relevant material teaching how to push an opponent into a wall and also how to evade being cornered in […]

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MMA Technical Overview (diary entry)

mma takedown

24.01.20   My client’s final lesson in this MMA course consisted of a technical review of most of the material covered. We did not cover techniques against the cage/wall, but did cover certain aspects that have transferrable value.   The lesson began with a series of gentle callisthenics and dynamic stretching. We then switched to mirror footwork and switching levels. From here we began using the pawing jab from Western Boxing. This allowed the fighter to gauge distance whilst distracting […]

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Hip Bump Sweeps, Knee Bumps & Shoulder Bumps in the Guard (diary entry)

kimura hip bump sweep

22.01.20   Wednesday night covered a Junior Submission Grappling course the use of the kimura and basic sweep from the closed guard as well as more Dirty Boxing in MMA, including controlling entry into the clinch and ground-fighting applications.   The junior lesson began with a series of warm-ups for developing ground-fighting fitness. I also introduced specific callisthenics for fighting from the guard. These included kimura crunches, arm-bar and triangle hip raises.   Moving into the closed guard, my junior […]

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Strike to Grapple to Strike (diary entry)


21.01.20   My second Tuesday night lesson: my teaching consultancy sessions continued with Dirty Boxing and striking in the clinch. Tonight we looked at turning strikes into grips and general inside transitioning.   We began with a warm-up of bulling with the collar and elbow tie and under-hook/over-hook pummelling. Throughout this I cued in freezing to check for balance points. This was layered in last time. This time I also added in looking for actual sweeps and takedowns. This would […]

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More Dirty Boxing Teacher Training (diary entry)

Against the Cage1

14.01.20   My teacher training continued with more Dirty Boxing work. We drilled both collar tie and hooking pummelling exercises. From here I began layering forearm bumps, the ear rip and the under-hook into the cross-face. These strikes are directed to the sciatic and femoral nerves in the legs. The ear rip allows for a greater manipulating of the head than a standard collar tie. The cross-face from the under-hook is then combined with this technique for even greater domination. […]

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Micro Ranges in MMA (diary entry)


11.01.20   We reached the eight and half hour point of my client’s MMA course, looking a lot at Dirty Boxing tactics to manipulate ranges.   We warmed up with some basic callisthenics before a five minute round of light MMA. During this round I used a lot of clinching and dirty boxing techniques in order to illustrate some the points we would cover later.   We then revised the slap-down parry entry into the collar-tie punching. At this point […]

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Shoulder & Elbow Bumps (diary entry)


07.01.20   Tonight we resumed more Dirty Boxing work to be integrated into my client’s regular lessons. This included revising material from before, training three combinations and development of an exercise. We began with clinch training. This started with the collar and elbow pummelling exercise progressing on bulling and checking for balance points. Next we looked at over-hook/under-hook pummelling. We then revised over-hooking and under-hooking to control the clinch for punching. The main emphasis here is respond to blocks by […]

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Dirty Boxing for MMA Stand-up (Diary Entry)

Attacking the cover1

18.12.19   Wednesday night was my junior and senior clients’ last lesson before the Christmas break. The junior private class covered escapes from the knee-pin and the reverse scarf-hold for Submission Grappling. The senior class focused on dirty boxing techniques for Mixed Martial Arts.   The junior class began with a series of stationary callisthenics specific for submission grappling. We then looked at defence against the knee-pin. Key points for this defence were to secure the knee joint and the […]

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Collar Tie Punching (diary entry)


10.12.19   My client consultancy lesson continued with a more practical theme as we expanded upon the Dirty Boxing introduced last week. We warmed up with switching levels, getting used to moving a wrestler’s stance. I introduced the left, right and Japanese stances. We then clinched with the collar tie. Here I introduced bulling, an activity designed to control an opponent’s head whilst staying stable one’s own stance. We also regularly switched sides and looked at breaking an opponent’s balance. […]

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