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Hook Guard (diary entry)

Cat & Ollie Hook GuardIMG_1818

26.09.2022 Hour seven of my couple’s current submission grappling/ground-fighting course looked at guard passing from the outside and introduced the hook guard (De La Riva guard). We warmed up with exercises specific to submission grappling including toe-to-the-line drills, combat base sit-ups, triangle crunches and half-guard side rolls before proceeding with some guard-passing drills. We looked at stepping around the guard to knee-on-belly (knee-pins) working these in as muscle memory drills. Then we did the same with back-scooting out of an […]

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Long Guard Theory (diary entry)


03.12.19 My first evening class on Tuesday brought my client up to the third hour of his Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting and we focused on long-guard concepts. We warmed up with various ground callisthenics and agility ladder drills. From here we moved onto techniques from the spider-guard. The spider-guard has limited use in no-gi training and MMA. I was taught very much as a gi technique, taking full advantage of sleeve holds and other useful grips provided by the uniforms worn in […]

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