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Hooks and the Basics (diary entry)

Hook Punch (close) darker

22.12.18 This morning I taught the third hour of a 10 hour course I am holding for two junior students in Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training. We looked at the lead hook and worked on tightening up stances and footwork. The first part of the lesson was entirely dedicated to positioning and footwork. If there are three things that every fighter needs to have in their physical skills foundation it is to be on balance, to keep their […]

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Right Hook as Counter-Punch & Leg Power (diary entry)

right hook in clinch

06.11.18   Tonight saw the third hour of my client’s 10 hour course on Basic Western for Martial Arts Cross Training. The lesson had a strong emphasis on building responses and tactics. We also had a deeper look at the right hook and introduced the upper cut.   We began with mirror footwork and working the jab. From here the fighter gave and parried jabs. We then worked slipping and straight rights. Here the idea was to get flow of […]

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