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Fight Preparation Resumes (diary entry)

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14.09.2023 Hour three of my client’s Boxing conditioning course continued with our specific sparring. This time we went for three minute rounds to shake matters up a bit. His fight in November will be 3 x 2 minute rounds. Round 1 – Attack only Round 2 – Defence only Round 3 – Southpaw versus orthodox Round 4 – Ditto Round 5 – Southpaw versus southpaw Tabata 1 – Speed punching Tabata 2 – Power punching Services

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Boxing Conditioning Resumes (diary entry)

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                              05.09.2023 After a short break my client resumed his Boxing conditioning in readiness for a charity fight in November. The break involved him climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, an experience that we discussed will be a great mental reference point for pushing through extreme fatigue. Our warm-up consisted of ladder runs where we performed a few footwork drills before getting onto some light sparring. In line with […]

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11 rounds of MMA Pad-Work (diary entry)

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23.06.2023 Hour nine of this Mixed Martial Arts course was a conditioning lesson. After a mobility and muscle activation warm-up we put the 11 round timer on and worked through various areas of the combat sport, often using active rest. Round 1 – Footwork and defence only Squat and kick Round 2 – Layering jabs Press-up and punch/fast punching Round 3 – Layering in round kicks Lunge and knee/rapid knee strikes Round 4 – Layering in teeps Guard crunches with […]

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Out Boxing in Muay Thai (diary entry)

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17.04.2023 Having made so much of focusing on the Muay Thai clinch with three of my regular clients, I decided to keep today’s focus on out-boxing aspects. I am into my client’s third overall Muay Thai class and on hour four. We got straight into focus mitt work and stayed there for the duration of lesson, which more conditioning orientated. We trained for 7 x 3 minute rounds for one minute sports specific callisthenics during the “rest” periods. Round 1 […]

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MMA Foundational Conditioning & Behaviours (diary entry)

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14.04.2023 I moved into hour three of this partner training MMA course.  My view is that the best way forward with this programme is getting both participants conditioned in the full ranges of the sport. Usually clients who begin MMA with me have already completed courses in Boxing, Muay Thai, Stand-Up Grappling and Submission Grappling first. With this not being the case, the efficient way to shift between ranges is to keep everything activity based. After some dynamic stretching we moved […]

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Muay Thai Conditioning (diary entry)

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23.01.2023 My client’s seventh hour on her second course in Muay Thai continued building on southpaw strategies. Last week I introduced the back kick. This lesson was all about drilling everything that had been covered and to build up the specific fitness. After our usual warm up we went straight into rounds. These were three minute rounds with one minute active recovery, keeping the heart rate up throughout the session. Round 1 – Boxing only focus mitts Speed punching Round […]

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Speed Training and Conditioning for Muay Thai (diary entry)

chamber kick

29.11.2021 My client reached the third hour of his latest Muay Thai/Kickboxing course. Tonight he wanted to focus more on speed development. Speed like power are attributes that are best developed with good technique. The order of training should go technique, speed and then power. For example, fluidity through technique is great basis for adding more speed. As Rodney King better put it, “If you can’t do it slow, you can’t do it.” However, I incorporated specific exercises to increase […]

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MMA Cardio and Conditioning (diary entry)

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04.08.20 Tuesday night’s lesson was a full conditioning lesson. As always, I kept the content martial arts specific. We did a five round workout lesson in addition to a 10 minute warm up and 15 minute stretching at the end. Each round layered on more techniques, beginning with boxing footwork progressing onto multi-range rounds of MMA shadow sparring. Between each round we kept moving to maintain heart rate and for active recovery.

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Combat Conditing Continues (diary entry)


02.03.19   The first lesson of this morning saw my client complete his third hour of Combat Conditioning. We moved onto the reverse side and also focused a lot on circular techniques – hooks, round kicks, single-leg takedowns and kimura sweeps.   We warmed up with a series of sport specific calisthenics, dynamic stretching and mobility exercises for all ranges of combat. I did a good number of exercises that looked at working the oblique muscles and rotational movement of […]

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Expanding upon Martial Movements (diary entry)

overhand right

        30.07.16   Today’s first lesson was another double session along the lines of the buffet style cross-training I ran last Saturday. We decided to work off stand-up striking principles, but ended up bringing elements of wrestling, submission fighting, MMA and even some weapons work. All training was done outside, where we focused on body movement in combat and combat conditioning.   The lesson began on the focus mitts, looking at Western Boxing concepts of movement. We […]

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