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MMA Cardio and Conditioning (diary entry)

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04.08.20 Tuesday night’s lesson was a full conditioning lesson. As always, I kept the content martial arts specific. We did a five round workout lesson in addition to a 10 minute warm up and 15 minute stretching at the end. Each round layered on more techniques, beginning with boxing footwork progressing onto multi-range rounds of MMA shadow sparring. Between each round we kept moving to maintain heart rate and for active recovery.

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Combat Conditing Continues (diary entry)


02.03.19   The first lesson of this morning saw my client complete his third hour of Combat Conditioning. We moved onto the reverse side and also focused a lot on circular techniques – hooks, round kicks, single-leg takedowns and kimura sweeps.   We warmed up with a series of sport specific calisthenics, dynamic stretching and mobility exercises for all ranges of combat. I did a good number of exercises that looked at working the oblique muscles and rotational movement of […]

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Expanding upon Martial Movements (diary entry)

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        30.07.16   Today’s first lesson was another double session along the lines of the buffet style cross-training I ran last Saturday. We decided to work off stand-up striking principles, but ended up bringing elements of wrestling, submission fighting, MMA and even some weapons work. All training was done outside, where we focused on body movement in combat and combat conditioning.   The lesson began on the focus mitts, looking at Western Boxing concepts of movement. We […]

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