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Grappling & Self Defence (diary entry)


06.03.19   Kingham Hill moved back onto anti-grappling and combat grappling. We looked defending takedowns, symmetrical ground fighting, asymmetrical ground fighting and chokes/strangles.   The lesson began with a high energy series of running exercises, incorporating tactical escapes, grappling footwork, sprawls, covers and blitzing. This then progressed into partner running exercises, training striking whilst running backwards. Here emphasis was placed on moving the hips back whilst striking, training the importance of being able to hit whilst defending a takedown.   […]

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Getting to Grips & Breaking Them (diary entry)

eye gouge standing

13.02.19 The first lesson of the day was with my Kingham Hill class. We entered the realm of anti-grappling and grappling for self-defence. I approached it a little differently than usual. On previous occasions I have gone straight for the anti-grappling tactics, but recently I have become more inclined to familiarise students with the grappling range. My belief is that by getting an idea of how someone grabs and tries to manhandle a student, brings home the importance of maintaining […]

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Kingham Combat Grapplers


23.05.18   Training at Kingham Hill School moved onto combat grappling. We began with an energetic series of movement exercises, designed to reinforce various behaviours learnt over the previous lessons and to increase reaction timing. This started with simple changing directions, then altering heights of stances, varying footwork, striking whilst moving, covering, sprawling, switching ranges and finished with transitioning through postures to regain footing.   We began our technical training with the side headlock. This is a primal grappling move […]

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