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Force Vector Combat Conditioning (diary entry)

resistance band guard

11.03.19   This evening’s lesson brought my client up to his sixth hour of Combat Conditioning. We focused on pulling and pressing actions involved in martial arts actions covering stand-up, clinch and ground. This was followed by two 5 minute rounds of MMA sparring.   The lesson began with a series of callisthenic exercises and dynamic stretches. This was then followed with line-work drills covering different stances and techniques. We first moved footwork from Western Boxing, Muay Thai and Wrestling […]

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Combat Conditioning Technique Drills (diary entry)


09.03.19   The first lesson of the morning brought my client up to the four and a half hour mark of his course on Combat Conditioning. We focused entirely on some technique development drills today.   The drills were:   Failed Single-leg takedown/Switch to shovel hook/cross flowing from one side to another (The above exercise was originally broken up into a single-leg entry flow drill and a v-stepping punching combination)   Jab/cross/sprawl/spear-knee Side control/knee/north south/kimura lock Reaction to kick catch: […]

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Conditioning the Lead Side (diary entry)

Straight lead

22.02.19   The first lesson of the morning began my long-time client on his course of Combat Conditioning. We worked on improving speed and power as well as the underlying fitness needed to execute jabs, lead leg teeps and double-leg takedowns – all lead side techniques.   The lesson began with a series of callisthenic/mobility exercises focusing on combative movement. We then looked at the jab from both stances. In order get maximum movement, flexibility and to keep the lead […]

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Tyre-d Training (diary entry)


18.10.18   Tonight saw the final lesson in my client’s current course of Western Boxing for Mixed Martial Arts. We looked at putting everything together, revising the entire course, and also some new restrictions, using a tractor tyre, to build better upper body mobility.   Training began with a warm-up on the tractor tyre. The surface area of the tyre promotes better balance and awareness of foot placement. We moved around the tyre’s rim, angling off and changing stance. Then […]

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Stand-up, clinch and ground variations (diary)

  30.03.16   Tonight was the second in CCMA’s second course on Mixed Martial Arts for Martial Arts Cross-Training. We had an extended lesson, working on several different variations between the ranges. A similar format will follow next week.   We started off with some simple sport specific movement exercises. This began with shadow boxing, moving onto partner work. I had my client perform repetitions of jab-slipping and rolling off hooks into hooks and uppercut/hooks. This movement was then applied […]

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