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Shoulder Locks & Stacking (diary entry)


28.11.19   Thursday night’s junior private lesson introduced the omoplata shoulder lock and stacking guard pass.   We warmed up with a wide variety of top and bottom position callisthenic exercises, including bear crawls, lizard crawls, crab crawls, seal crawls, snaking, side-winders, sit-outs, upas, arm-bar leg raises and triangle choke leg raises. Then we went straight into revising escaping to standing from guard, arm-bars from closed guard and triangle choke from closed guard. These last two exercises were then performed […]

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Scissor Sweep and Arm-Bar (diary entry)

armbar from guard5 (close up)

30.10.19   My late evening class brought my Submission Grappling client up to the ninth hour of his course. We focused entirely on the guard which included a flow-drill, the scissor sweep and the classic arm-bar.   The lesson started with ground callisthenics, including a large portion dedicated to conditioning for the guard.  Then we began the guard flow-drill. This consisted of moving from closed guard to a long range guard (very simplified spider guard) to butterfly guard to half […]

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Takedowns & Sweeps (diary entry)


13.02.19   Tonight the nephew and uncle team tackled the Thai clinch and sweeps in groundwork respectively. The nephew’s junior lesson is part of his course in basic Muay Thai. The uncle’s senior lesson is part of his current exploration of martial arts cross-training.   The junior lesson began with a revision of Muay Thai punch/kick combinations, changing over to punch/knee combinations. We then moved onto the clinch and focused on the changing stance v-step used to break an opponent’s […]

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