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Teacher Development: Bringing the Clinch Together (diary entry)


Hour five of my client 11 hour teacher development for Denmark’s Holstebro Taekwondo Klub via Zoom looked at bringing clinch and out-boxing ranges together in Muay Thai. After a warm-up of clinch and dynamic stretching exercises, I moved onto partner work.  We began with checking kicks, moving into catching kicks and then into fighting from a caught kick position. This provided us with sparring drills on training entering the clinch from stand-up striking. We looked at both clinching a kicker […]

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Takedown Defence (diary entry)

ryukyukan karate WPAA 8

19.12.20 Saturday morning’s second lesson was my eighth hour with the Ryukyukan Okinawa Karate and Kobdudo, Matsuri Dojo teaching children’s self-protection as part of my “When Parents Aren’t Around” course. We are in our third hour of anti-grappling. When things go wrong and a person is grabbed matters can really go bad, especially with children who are likely to be dealing with disproportionately larger threats. This morning we revised all previous grappling material from the clinch plus escaping the mounted […]

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Integrating the Clinch (diary entry)

belly pad

26.08.19   Monday night brought my client up to the seventh hour of their Muay Thai course. We looked at integrating the clinch into the rest of the training previously covered.   Training began with neck wrestling. This was then built up with footwork and breaking postures. From here we moved into one-for-one knee strikes and locking off positions. From here we used the belly pad to develop more impact and then the focus mitts to bring in punching and […]

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Counter Techniques in Muay Thai (diary entry)

Knee strike to head from clinch

02.04.19   Tuesday night brought this particular client up to the penultimate hour of his 10 hour course in Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training. We went through the fundamental combinations, worked on the clinch and looked at counter-combinations.   The lesson began with the regular callisthenic warm-up and dynamic stretching before active engagement in mirror footwork. This developed into clinch-work, where we mainly concentrated on breaking balance and general movement. Here we began covering counter-movements; how to […]

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Old Combinations, New Combinations (diary entry)

In-fighting attack1

26.09.18   The fourth half hour junior lesson on Basic Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training introduced the hook and some live training. We warmed up with some mirror footwork, building up slipping, ducking and weaving. Jab/cross was then revised on the focus mitts, which was then incorporated with the footwork. I then introduced the hook punch. We trained the lead hook first, paying attention to body mechanics. This was then layered onto the bobbing and weaving head movement […]

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Boxing, Clinching, Transitioning & Coaching (diary entry)


19.09.18   Tonight saw the third half hour lesson in Junior Basic Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training and my continuing series of lessons for my long-term senior student. This is a nephew/uncle arrangement that is proving to be hugely beneficial for both family members. The former gets full support, encouragement and extra training from his uncle and the latter improves his coaching/critical skills.   Boxing continued the focus on the peek-a-boo style. We worked more looking at improving […]

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