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Ground-Fighting using the Heavy Bag (diary entry)

Heavy bag ground diary

12.05.20 Tuesday’s second lesson brought this client up to the ninth hour of his Mixed Martial Arts course. Unlike Monday’s – who was primarily a kickboxing student – this client has been through several of my different courses and is very familiar with ground work. However, this course has been his first introduction to striking on the ground. Having a free heavy bag in his isolation, we were able to complete his ground-striking drills. I also did some more clinch-work […]

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Introducing Transitions in MMA (diary entry)

standing arm triangle

23.01.20   My Junior MMA course reached its second hour on Thursday night. Last week served as an introduction to the three ranges and the qualities that made them MMA rather than their composite disciplines. This week we began to look at the all-important area of transitions.   We warmed up with MMA callisthenics and dynamic stretching before moving onto mirror footwork. Here we looked at switching levels and checking ranges with jabs and teeps. Next we moved onto assessing […]

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