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Reverse-Coaching (diary entry)


01.06.2022 Hour 15 of my teacher consultancy course/CPD taught to Drum Kenpo Ju Jitsu explored further ideas to put young people in charge of crisis situations. I went back to my running a children’s class where I cultivated a self-critiquing and problem solving atmosphere. Building off the principle-centred training methodology of my previous lesson, we discussed how an entire class can be run in a democratic fashion by young students. The class begins with the more experienced students leading the […]

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Quarrying Technique (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2022-05-25 at 10.57.42

25.05.2022 Hour 14 with my client from Drum Kempo Ju Jitsu and we continued to explore his Bullyproof Programme. The layout of this programme is very impressive and there isn’t anything I disagree with on a basic level. A strong feature of the course led me onto advising on how I grow good tactical movement in students. The feature was the way Will, the client, uses simple activities like ice-breaking as self-protection teaching methods. As he rightly points out, making […]

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Children’s Self-Protection for Forest School of Karate (diary entry)


05.03.2022 My weekend seminar for Forest School of Karate began with a two-hour “When Parents Aren’t Around” lesson. This was delivered as a hard skills lesson, the school already having covered the soft skills via Zoom. We used the following activities:  Tactical Escape Agility Training – Serving as a warm-up, we used agility cones to encourage serpentine running and lateral running whilst avoiding objects. Purpose: Besides general agility and fast-twitch conditioning being essential requirements for tactical escape training, participants are […]

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When Parents Aren’t Around Pre-Webinar (diary entry)

forest school karate zoom

22.04.21 Forest School of Karate will kindly be booking me to teach on 26.04.21. Ahead of the session, their head teacher booked me in for a private lesson to go over the material. This is an excellent way to ensure that he is prepped for the webinar and it is something we have been doing throughout the “When Parents Aren’t Around” series. We were able to discuss various trigger warnings due to the nature of the material and also discuss […]

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Anti-Grappling Children’s Self-Defence (diary entry)

forest school karate anti grappling WPAA session

22.03.21 Forest School of Karate invited me back for the fourth and final hour of the anti-grappling section. The previous session finished covering the basics of grappling to lie a foundation for the anti-grappling. Having confirmed the behaviour of striking whilst being grappled and retaining strong grappling positions, it was time to look into more serious clinch and ground situations when striking options were less attainable. This included sprawling, biting, eye gouges, head-butts and elbow strikes. As is the case […]

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Anti-Abduction Course Begins (diary entry)

When Parents Aren't Around front cover

27.02.21 My “When Parents Aren’t Around” webinar series for Ryukyukan Okinawa Karate and Kobdudo, Matsuri Dojo returned to soft skills training on Saturday. We looked at the subject and skills related to anti-abduction. The presentation addressed the reality of child abduction and the infamous “Stranger Danger” myth. It is imperative for all responsible self-protection teachers to understand and teach that the overwhelmingly more likelyl type predator in a child’s life is going to be someone they know rather than some […]

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Fighting from the Ground (diary entry)

Striking from the knee pin1

22.02.21 I was delighted to be invited back to teach for Forest School of Karate as we continued the second part of my virtual “When Parents Aren’t Around”. The past few lessons have been concerned with learning how to grapple in order to learn how to fight against someone trying grapple. This lesson took everything to the ground. Again, within this context, everything is geared towards escaping the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible. Therefore, we began with a […]

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Takedown Defence (diary entry)

ryukyukan karate WPAA 8

19.12.20 Saturday morning’s second lesson was my eighth hour with the Ryukyukan Okinawa Karate and Kobdudo, Matsuri Dojo teaching children’s self-protection as part of my “When Parents Aren’t Around” course. We are in our third hour of anti-grappling. When things go wrong and a person is grabbed matters can really go bad, especially with children who are likely to be dealing with disproportionately larger threats. This morning we revised all previous grappling material from the clinch plus escaping the mounted […]

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Awareness Children’s Self-Protection for Forest School (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 20.10.21

29.07.20 Wednesday night saw the Forest School of Karate booking me back to teach my “When Parents Aren’t Around: Awareness” webinar. This is the second tenet and phase of my course adapted for online learning. Topics included inattentional blindness, tunnel vision and situational awareness. In addition to delivering a presentation appropriate for the children in attendance, I also taught physical activities to help better demonstrate how easy it is to be switched off to changes.

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Kajuen Ryu Hosts “When Parents Aren’t Around” Seminar (diary entry)

When Parents Aren't Around front cover

23.09.18   I was kindly invited to teach two mini-seminars for Kajuen ryu Ju Jutsu. My mandate was to teach a shortened version of my children’s self-protection programme and to teach martial arts cross-training in a short seminar to the adults. This diary entry details the former.   My shortened version of “When Parents Aren’t Around” covered the following topics:   Respect & Attitude. In essence, believing you are worth defending, respecting the material being taught and avoiding potentially violent […]

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