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Kingham Hill Self-Defence New Term (diary entry)

Hook palm 2

12.01.2022 Due to the situation presented with exams at Kingham Hill, the self-defence activity numbers haven’t properly been established. Therefore, I was left with only a few pupils for the beginning of my sessions. Seeing as all three of them were previous pupils, I decided to focus on some new hard skill work. We looked at pre-emptive striking against two antagonists. After a warm-up, we discussed dealing with the dynamics of this situation. I explained the importance of maintaining the […]

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When Parents Aren’t Around – Anti-Abduction Training (diary entry)

WPAA abduction webinar

26.04.21 I taught the latest part of my “When Parents Aren’t Around” webinar series to Forest School of Karate. You will recall that I previously went through this content with my client teacher last Thursday. Teaching self-protection requires a constant need to be honest. Good teachers should never pander to the paranoia or the zeitgeist of their times but stick to the facts. Our job as teachers is to do our best to educate children how to be safe when […]

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Sprawling, Takedowns & Hunting for Matsuri Dojo, Pitsea (diary entry)

hunting the target

28.11.20 My second Saturday session saw me virtually return, via the magic of Zoom, to the Ryukyuakan Okinawa Karate and Kobdudo, Matsuri Dojo in Pitsea, Basildon Essex for seventh hour of children’s self-protection. Last session we looked at the reasons why grappling in self-defence was generally avoided in high risk situations, when it was needed in high situations and its place in medium to low risk situations. I also explained that, for the most part, the grappling explored would be […]

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Discipline in Children’s Self-Protection (diary entry)


30.08.20 On Sunday I was invited back for the fourth time to teach the next part of my “When Parents Aren’t Around” children’s self-protection webinar series for the ever-forward thinking Ryukyukan Shorin Ryu Karate Matsuri Dojo. The focus this time was on discipline. We looked at the best ways to motivate students to maintain good self-protection behaviours and practices. I also brought in the concept of the fence and when to pre-emptively strike. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BOOK ME […]

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Courage for Children’s Self-Protection at Ryukyukan Shorin Ryu (diary entry)

Ryukyukan Shorin Ryu courage (2)

26.07.20 On Sunday I was booked back by Ryukyukan Shorin Ryu Karate Matsuri Dojo to teach the third part of my “When Parents Aren’t Around” webinar. We addressed the third tenet of my book: Courage. The webinar deconstructed the myth of fearlessness and the physiological science behind “fear”. Through understanding, the children can learn how to recognise their survival instincts and apply them without the stigma often attached to them. The webinar also included a series of exercises that helped […]

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Online Self-Protection, Bears & Ant Spiders (diary entry)

Ant Spider

07.07.20 Tonight’s teacher consultation focused on the development our “Bear” level for child self-protection. The challenge ahead of any self-protection teacher at this particular level is teaching the responsibility and independence balance. At its core self-protection effectiveness is decided by a student’s ability to take control in a violent situation. This discussion touched upon several topics. The “Bear” Level In essence young people entering at this stage will be naturally going through many changes. They will be faced with more […]

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Children’s Self-Protection Programme Consultancy (diary entry)

child training

12.11.19   My second evening class on Tuesday was my teacher consultancy lessons focusing on a new children/teenage self-protection syllabus. My client presented a systematic overview of a programme she wishes to run alongside her established martial arts lessons that offers reward levels of achievement in alignment with the age group of the participants.   My children’s self-protection programme is usually aged from 7 years to 13 years. However, I have taught younger participants and I also have a teen […]

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New Self Protection Course at Kingham Hill (diary entry)

Inside the fence

18.09.19 Clubb Chimera Martial Arts self-protection course returned to Kingham Hill School for a fifth term. Again, I saw some familiar faces from the previous academic years that were able to reinforce the material I brought into play. My methods never stand still and therefore the programmes evolve in line with what I see is most relevant and efficient. Since I became a senior instructor in the Knife and Edged Weapon Programme in 2011 and now with my involvement in […]

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Enter the Elbows! (diary entry)

Cover Elbow (loose)

09.01.18   Tonight I taught a junior lesson in Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training and a senior lesson in Martial Arts Cross Training. The Muay Thai class focused on developing the long guard and the use of elbow strikes. The senior class worked across self-protection, Filipino stick-work and Muay Thai elbow strikes.   The junior lesson began with a revision on the Dracula guard, a cover variation on the long guard. We drilled jabbing and jab/crossing with this […]

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Second Self-Protection Lesson at Kingham Hill School (diary entry)


25.04.2018   Today’s afternoon lesson was the second in Kingham Hill’s Basic Self-Protection/MMA course. We began with some simple fence targeting and target familiarisation. These exercises are designed to train a robust and legal way to set up a pre-emptive strike. I do this as a touch-contact drill to reinforce the behaviour to hit realistic targets. This is then overlapped with hitting the focus mitts.     We discussed intent and the anaerobic nature of striking for self-defence. This was […]

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Explaining the Child Fence for Self-Protection (diary entry)

child facing outside world

30.10.17   The third lesson of my special course on self-protection for young people brought the focus onto the three elements of a conflict: pre-fight, in-fight and post-fight. We looked at the definition of self-protection, dividing into personal security and self-defence. I explained that attitude ran throughout this conflict and should be a rule for life. Being aware of one’s behaviour in everything from learning to direct action has a fundamental impact on survival in violent situations. We discussed situational […]

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Child Self-Protection Course Continues (diary entry)

child training

23.10.17   Tonight was the second in my special course for child self-protection. We began with a warm-up of catching games teaching evasion skills, spotting exit points, moving out of corners and creating distance. This moved us onto the fence, where we did a series of exercises to help teach understand personal space and using boundary lines. When it comes to children, this can be especially difficult. Children are still developing certain mental functions to better understand spatial awareness and […]

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Self-Protection Double Workshop in Birmingham (diary entry)

Self-Protection Workshop Feb 2011

Birmingham’s Shinkenmi Ni Tesseyo Karate very kindly invited me to teach a children’s and an adult’s self-protection workshop. Both sessions were small and therefore I took a more informal touch. Rather than using a PowerPoint presentation, we covered all the soft skills material in a sit-down discussion format. Both sessions covered pre, in and post-fight criteria. All attendees did well and gave their all into the training/learning process. However, I was surprised that some think that personal security should form […]

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