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Clinch Exiting (diary entry)

Knee strike to head from clinch

17.03.20   Tonight’s teacher training continued our stand-up work in Dutch Kickboxing inspired training drills and we moved onto using the clinch as a counter to punching combinations.   The lesson began with our now usual warm-up of low kick exchanges. This then increased to double-kick exchanges. I then brought in the 1, 2, 3 combinations. Building off the set combinations we used in the previous two lessons, we one partner through a strike then two strikes and a combination […]

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Six Rounds of Muay Thai & Escaping Side Control (diary entry)


03.04.19   Wednesday evening continued the Basic Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training course for one of my junior client’s immediately followed by his uncle’s regular martial arts cross-training. The former brought everything together over a series of six three-minute rounds. The latter finished going over going through MMA for the ground top position and began work on defending from underneath, beginning with escapes from pins.   The junior lesson began with mirror-footwork and then mitt-work. Rounds one, two […]

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