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12 Round Lesson (diary entry)

23.09.20 Wednesday night saw a 12 round continuous workout focusing on Western Boxing and Muay Thai. Rounds one to six were all Western Boxing, covering various footwork and head movement drills whilst building on combinations. Round seven to 12 were all about Muay Thai, as we focused on specific Thai combinations such as a five-elbow combination, shin-check/teep/round kick and teep/knee bomb as well as more Dutch layered combinations where lengthier hand combinations were used to set up kicks. Between rounds […]

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Kickboxing & MMA from the Philly Shell (diary entry)

philly shell front kick

15.09.20 My Philly Shell training carried over into my teacher consultation lesson where we looked at bringing together much of what we had covered and integrated into kickboxing. We looked at the pullback/shoulder roll/rear hand parry into the right cross and back-step. From here we covered front kick variation or an inside round kick and then into a diamond step and spleen shot or outside round kick into a liver kick. This combination was then changed for MMA into jab/double […]

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Switching Guards, Stances & Footwork (diary entry)

diary sparring virtual

10.09.20 The second lesson of my client’s new course on boxing began on Thursday night. We went through different guards and incorporating different footwork patterns. The lesson began with the usual warm-up of dynamic stretching and sport specific callisthenics. Then we revised the diamond step set up along with the peek-a-boo slipping, rolling and pullback. We specifically covered the slipping unique to this style of boxing. Next we moved onto back-peddling and shuffles to set up jabs when circling an […]

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Re-Starting Boxing (diary entry)

boxing diary 3

01.09.20 My regular client began a new course today and we decided to go back to Western Boxing. This was an opportunity to go back over the basics whilst layering in new material. We began with a warm-up basic full body callisthenics appropriate to the techniques we would be covering. Then I went through basic footwork patterns – forwards, backwards, lateral and v-steps. Next we went through some head movement inspired by the peek-a-boo approach – slipping, ducking, bobbing and […]

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Philly Shell Continues (diary entry)

philly shell mary charlie

04.08.20 Tuesday night’s first lesson was my teacher consultant sessions. We continued with the Philly shell working on striking and defending, including proactive focus-mitt work and specific sparring. Training began on the focus mitts with the emphasis being on the fighter to lead with the footwork. We then put in a simple baiting tactic; the fighter moves in with a fast flurry before retreating into the Philly shell to counter the opponent’s retaliation. The lesson finished with restrictive, specific sparring […]

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Introducing the Philly Shell (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 19.53.22

28.07.20 On Tuesday my teacher consultant lesson continued with the introduction of the Philly Shell. This defensive boxing technique uses angles and footwork to draw attacks in order to counter. I broke it down into footwork only exercises and a proactive focus mitt exercise. In the latter, the fighter leads the footwork with the coach following and showing the targets when the reach striking range in various combinations. A lot of work was done on the jab and also on […]

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Integrating Punching Combinations (diary entry)

downward cross

09.03.20   Monday night’s training completed my client’s third course in Muay Thai. Although the discipline has remained within Muay Thai its main focus has been on developing punching. We have cross-trained in Western Boxing, taken some inspiration from Dutch Kickboxing and integrated this into the main Muay Thai framework.   We began with a warm up of basic mobility drills and then did 2 x 3 minute rounds of building up shadow boxing techniques. My client expressed a wish […]

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Punching Dexterity (diary entry)

jab woman

02.03.20   Monday night was the penultimate lesson in my client’s third Muay Thai course. We have been mainly focusing on punching techniques. Tonight we looked at improving chaining and overall dexterity in punching combinations.   The lesson began with a warm-up of dynamic stretching, shadow boxing and sport-specific callisthenics. We then went straight onto the focus mitts to go through various different combinations. These culminated in an 11 punch combination. We then brought in the belly pad to chain […]

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Junior MMA & Western Boxing (diary entry)


27.02.20   My junior MMA client has reached her seventh hour where we looked MMA from a Western Boxing perspective.   After a warm-up, we went through a full footwork pattern – forwards, backwards, sideways left, sideways right, v-step left, v-step right, v-step switch stance and v-step pivot. These movements were then mirrored with me and then we added on jabbing and jab/cross as well as switching levels.   Going to the focus mitts, we looked at several Western Boxing […]

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Guard Passing in Submission Grappling and Boxing in MMA (diary entry)


26.02.20   Wednesday night’s junior Submission Grappling looked at guard passing and the senior MMA took a Western Boxing perspective.   Junior Submission Grappling covered going through the closed guard after our usual specific callisthenic warm-up. The warm-up involved a sit-out exercise that promoted the coordination of stepping through and back with the legs, something that would be crucial in the guard passing technique. The pass was one first taught to me by Kevin Webb back when I was training […]

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Punching in the Clinch (diary entry)

clinch strike

24.02.20   My client reached the eighth hour of her third Muay Thai/Kickboxing course on Monday night. The course has been mainly focused on punching technique. Tonight we looked at the use of punches within the clinch.   The lesson began with a light warm-up of shadow boxing, going through basic punching combinations and footwork patterns. We then moved onto the focus mitts used the teep to set up punching combinations. These combinations were then sandwiched in with kicks and […]

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Clinch Closed Workshop (diary entry)

body clinch

21.02.20   Friday night saw our second closed workshop. This is a two-hour service I offer for my private clients on a semi-regular basis, working with them to find organise a suitable meet-up time to intensively train certain areas I cover. It offers them the appeal of a club-like atmosphere and the opportunity to train with like-minded fellow clients. This time we looked at the clinch.   We warmed up going through the basic footwork pattern I have been covering […]

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A Footwork Pattern (diary entry)

footwork drills

17.02.20 Monday night saw the seventh hour of my client’s third course on Muay Thai. Tonight we took a break from centring everything on punching and worked a lot on footwork. We warmed up with some simple shadow boxing and specific dynamic stretching. This moved us onto footwork and I introduced a basic sequence I have been using with most of my clients. We move forwards, backwards, sidestep both ways, v-step both ways and then the switch hit v-stance backwards […]

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More on the Hook Punch (diary entry)

Hook Punch (close) darker

10.02.20   On Monday night my client reached the sixth hour of her third Muay Thai course and we looked at more details on the hook punch as well as the v-step and combining punching combinations with kicks.   We began with a warm-up on the basic combination. Here we took a closer look at both the hook and the v-step. We looked at pivoting the front foot whilst keeping the rear foot pointing at the target. The v-step emphasised […]

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Strike to Grapple to Strike (diary entry)


21.01.20   My second Tuesday night lesson: my teaching consultancy sessions continued with Dirty Boxing and striking in the clinch. Tonight we looked at turning strikes into grips and general inside transitioning.   We began with a warm-up of bulling with the collar and elbow tie and under-hook/over-hook pummelling. Throughout this I cued in freezing to check for balance points. This was layered in last time. This time I also added in looking for actual sweeps and takedowns. This would […]

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Junior MMA Begins (diary entry)


16.01.20   On Thursday my junior client began her Mixed Martial Arts course having completed all the four recommended component parts as 10 hour private lessons over a one year period. We touched upon all three ranges, linking in techniques covered within the four disciplines already taught.   We warmed up with a range of specific callisthenics for stand-up, clinch and ground. Then we moved onto the stand-up range on focus mitts. From jabbing high and low I taught jab […]

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