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Style and its Limitations (diary entry)

jack johnson 3

13.04.21 My teacher consultancy concluded its trilogy of lessons on Jack Johnson with his last two title defences. Prior to analysing the fights, it was relevant to discuss the campaign against Johnson. Having defeated the previously undefeated James J Jeffries in a bout that resulted in a nation wide series of riots, there was  growing tension within the white establishment to handle Johnson. Not only was he destroying all the “Great White Hopes” sent his way, but his extravagent behaviour […]

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Jim Corbett & the Dawn of Modern Boxing (diary entry)

james corbett

23.03.21 My teaching consultancy presented me with a new challenge: fight analysis. We are looking back at various fights to see what lessons we can learn from them. Asking where they would like to start they suggested as early back as possible. This was a challenge in its own right. However, the earliest filmed fights of boxing matches provide us with one of the sport’s greatest innovators and pioneers. “Gentleman” Jim Corbett had a reputation for fighting on the outside, […]

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