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Under the Boxing Guard (diary entry)


02.02.19   This morning’s private lesson saw my two junior clients grow their combinations, focus more on the L and V-Step as well as develop the uppercut and the liver-shot/shovel hook.   We warmed up with partner work, focusing on defensive attributes using footwork and slipping. Here I principally addressed the L and V-step. The L-step is a great defensive and drawing technique, but it only works to one side of a stance. The move is used to move out […]

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Early Clinch in Boxing (diary entry)

right hook in clinch

12.01.19   My second lesson of the day was for my two junior clients who are currently on the fifth hour of their course in Basic Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training. We warmed up on the heavy bag varying footwork with basic combinations. Then we covered different tactics for drawing and fighting defensively. This brought us onto clinch-work.   I was looked to cover clinch-work at a later stage in the course, but once I had used Jack Johnson’s […]

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Shovel Hooks (diary entry)

liver punch

27.11.18   Tonight’s class brought my client up to his sixth hour of training in Western Boxing for Martial Art Cross Training. I am very happy with his speedy progress. He is clearly taking home a lot of the material being taught, training it and doing the appropriate research before bringing it back for further development in the lesson.   Our course brought us up to the final actual punch: the shovel hook. Everything else is now a variation on […]

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Bringing Everything Together (diary entry)

head movement

13.11.2018 Tonight’s lesson brought my new client up to the fourth hour of his first course on western boxing for martial arts cross training. We worked on defeating personal fight predictability and creating patterns for opponents. We warmed up line work, isolating and building upon different footwork. We did repetitions of backwards and forwards work then added on slipping, then added on slip/jabbing then added on slip/jab/crossing. The same was repeated for lateral footwork. Next, did some mirror footwork looking […]

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Old Combinations, New Combinations (diary entry)

In-fighting attack1

26.09.18   The fourth half hour junior lesson on Basic Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training introduced the hook and some live training. We warmed up with some mirror footwork, building up slipping, ducking and weaving. Jab/cross was then revised on the focus mitts, which was then incorporated with the footwork. I then introduced the hook punch. We trained the lead hook first, paying attention to body mechanics. This was then layered onto the bobbing and weaving head movement […]

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