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Striking to Grappling Combinations (diary entry)

single leg 1

14.11.19   My Thursday evening class brought my client up to the two and a half hour point of his Mixed Martial Arts course. We trained four combinations looking at striking entries to grappling.   The lesson warmed up with callisthenics specific to MMA and agility drills working footwork, takedowns and top position movement on the ground. We then began our series of MMA combinations. These combinations are specifically aimed to attain a strong grappling position.   The first combination […]

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The Blitz (diary entry)

downward cross

05.12.18 Tonight I began a course on Kickboxing (Muay Thai) for my junior client and my veteran senior client focused on blitzing in MMA.   The junior class introduced a change in guard from the peek-a-boo that we have been covering Western Boxing. My client now adopted a high Thai-style guard, but retained peek-a-boo’s more square-on stance. He also learnt a higher, narrower stance along with the unique rocking movement found in Muay Thai. From here we went back through […]

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