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Concussions, Black Belts & Self-Protection Plans (diary entry)

08.10.19   Tuesday night’s CPD lesson for a martial arts teacher was largely a consultation. We discussed duty of care in one aspect of black belt gradings and also an overview of the self-protection programme this teacher is currently implementing.   The value of the black belt has become a regular controversial topic since the commercialisation of martial arts. My client is part of an association that appears to have done a great job in adding validation to this qualification. […]

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Asymmestrical Combinations (diary entry)


06.09.17   Tonight’s lesson looked at punching around the clock, drawing an opponent and asymmetrical combinations. We trained in Western Boxing and Muay Thai concepts with some ideas transferred over from Dutch Kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do.   The warm-up consisted of mirror footwork and placing strikes. We punched around the clock, which is means we used an imaginary clock-face to dictate angles of punches. We jabbed, crossed, anchor-punches, overhand punched, classic hook-punched off both hands, liver-punched, spleen-punched and classic […]

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How Bad is your Bullshitsu Infection?


“The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks.” ― Christopher Hitchens   I am currently in the process of editing, researching, writing and re-writing a multi-volume book entitled “Bullshitsu and the Fight to Make Martial Arts Work”. It is a project that I started around 2005 as an examination of the legacy of the R.B.S.D. (Reality-Based Self-Defence) movement, but has since evolved into a critical overview of martial arts subculture in […]

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Sidekicking Sisters – No Longer a Footnote


The Martial Arts Woman is a labour of love that evolved out of a passion to produce a work that would serve as a testament, a celebration and a source of inspiration for the female fighter. That certainly appears to be have been its creator’s intention, but the work exceeds even this weighty self-mandate. This book undermines the arguments of those who are blind to the battles women have and continue to fight exclusively in the martial arts subculture.   […]

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Disarms and Wrist-Locks (diary entry)

By pressing the opponent

    12.08.15 The eighth lesson in my client’s course on weapons for martial arts cross-training, looked at more entanglement. After a warming up with stick-on-stick and then angles of evasion we moved onto blade work, where we explored various wrist-lock disarms. You will note that I have generally stayed away from wrist-locks in the traditional sense. I believe they have pragmatic purpose, a definite place in the history of unarmed combat and learning them can help improve small-joint manipulations […]

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