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Edged Weapon Hard Skills (diary entry)

edged weapon hard skills 1

02.05.21 Sunday saw the conclusion of my trilogy of edged weapon awareness and defence webinars. We focused mainly on hard skills, but this had to be prefaced with observational soft skills (behavioural indicators and presence indicators). Hard skill training went through my priority escape and sounding the alarm procedures upon spotting an armed offender to tactical escape variations to incidental weapons to unarmed methods when cornered. Edged Weapon and Awareness Part 1 Edged Weapon and Awareness Part 2 Services  

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Situational Awareness and Inattentional Blindness (diary entry)

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26.02.20   Wednesday’s lunch time Self-Protection lesson with Kingham Hill School was largely a soft skills affair to start off the second half of term. We went through awareness as a presentation and discussion before revising the hard skills material from previous lessons.   We first looked at the phenomenon on inattentional blindness using a couple of videos. Firstly, we looked at a drama that demonstrated how an individual going about their normal regular day can be completely oblivious to […]

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Foundational Work in Child Self-Protection (diary entry)

hinnerup what is a bully

28.01.20   With exception of teaching the post/superman punch/hook combination, my teacher consultation lesson was primarily concerned with the development of the new self-protection programme for children.   The first animal level for 4 year olds and up has been confirmed along with basic content. The emphasis here is for children to become aware of Bystander Effect, spatial awareness and situational awareness. A good degree of character building is included that both help them recognise bullying behaviour in themselves and […]

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