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Low Kicks, Double Legs and the Americana (diary entry)

low kick jamie

04.05.20   The eighth hour of this client’s current course in Mixed Martial Arts training continued in lockdown. My client is self-isolated with a partner who has agreed to train with us. Tonight we spent time working on some low-kick combinations, two versions of the double leg takedown and Americana from side control.   We began with our usual warm up of dynamic stretching and sport-specific callisthenics. My two clients then partnered off for some footwork. This was followed by […]

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Explosive Leg Power & the Versatility of the Kimura Lock


10.10.18   Today’s second lesson of the day was my weekly family session with an uncle/nephew duo. The first part of the lesson was the fifth half hour in my junior client’s course in Basic Western Boxing Martial Arts Cross Training. We continued training the peek-a-boo style. The second part of the lesson was my veteran senior client’s training in MMA, focusing on the kimura arm-lock.   The junior lesson looked at the uppercut and in tightening up my client’s […]

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