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Clinch for Submission Grappling (diary entry)


01.08.2023 My limited lesson course on Submission Grappling shifted its focus to the clinch. My client wanted to work in this particular field to link it with my her ground-fighting. Therefore, our warm-up largely consisted of box-footwork and collar and elbow “bulling”.  We looked at the three basic wrestling stances and how to unbalance an opponent. I then introduced under-hook and over-hook pummelling. From here we covered the Greco-Roman arm-drag takedown. This technique, taught to me by Lee Hasdell, is […]

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Arm-Drag & Back-Mount (diary entry)

Tarn back mount3

18.07.2023 My early morning lesson saw the start of a new client for a short course of submission grappling lessons. This client is visiting the area for a month and, having trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for a little while, was keen to keep up her grappling training. Her work has been exclusively gi-work and she was keen to cover some no-gi training. After my warm-up dynamic exercises and sport-specific callisthenics I introduced the arm-drag. This was a great way […]

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Arm-Drags & Uppercuts (diary entry)

Botley Class 3 uppercut

08.03.2023 My junior class introduced techniques found in Greco-Roman Wrestling. Both of these techniques focused on the use of the arm-drag. We covered variant technical points such as the depth of the grip. Personal preference might have the fighter grip the elbow or the tricep. For purposes of today’s lesson we went with the tricep grip as close to the armpit as possible. We warmed up with a back-take sequence but then altered this entry for a side-by-side takedown for […]

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Progressive Grappling Sparring (diary entry)


28.05.19   Tuesday night saw my client reach the sixth hour of his basic course in stand-up grappling. We continued work linking up grips, sweeps and takedown entries. I was keen to involve more live, resistance-based work but not at the cost of poor fundamentals. Therefore, the lesson was as follows:   Warm-up of Indian Press-ups and Squats, dynamic stretching and exercises geared towards the actions to be performed today. We then went back through all our break-fall/roll combinations at […]

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