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Anti-Bullying Teacher Programme 3 (diary entry)

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12.10.2022 Hour three of my anti-bullying teacher consultant course for Drum Kempo Ju Jutsu and Fitness. As previously discussed, the course that my client is teaching falls within the broad age range of 9-14 year olds. Fortunately, this is roughly where my “When Parents Aren’t Around” book is targeted (as well as their parents/guardians). During Wednesday morning’s lesson we followed on from who bullies with how people bully. Given that bullying is a type of abuse of power, there are […]

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Anti-Bullying Teacher Programme 2 (diary entry)

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05.10.2022 The continuation of my Anti-Bullying Teacher Consultation broke down how to present the concept of bullying to 9-14 year olds. However, before we explored this topic with Drum Kempo Ju Jitsu and Fitness, we had another re-examination of our teaching landscape. This is best explained in my “3 Tribes” vlog on the subject, which can be found here. I was impressed by the work DKJF do in intervention and mediation. They actively work not just with victims of bullying but […]

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Defending the Takedown (diary entry)

In-fighting attack7

25.01.21 My ongoing course on “When Parents Aren’t Around” children’s self-protection kicked off my Monday night teaching. We are currently on a diversion route through grappling in order to understand anti-grappling and then move onto anti-abduction. Grappling is also a very common situation for many children to find themselves in due to its primal nature. Tonight we revised dropping levels, neck-ties, under-hooks, taking the back, over-hooks and double-leg takedowns. From here we explored a few incidental techniques such as sweeps, […]

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Anti-Bullying Presentation for Athena School of Karate (diary entry)

anti bullying presentation athena

31.07.20 I was back teaching the Athena School of Karate on Friday and this time with a soft-skills based self-protection lesson. This gave me an opportunity to offer my new Anti-Bullying presentation, a spin-off from the main “When Parents Aren’t Around” courses. During this lesson we were able to focus on questions regarding the nature of bullying, the variety of targets and establishing moral boundaries that will help safeguard against engaging in bullying. We also looked at different types of […]

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Teaching Anti-Bullying to Children (diary entry)


14.07.20   My teacher consultation on Tuesday focused on aspects of bullying and how they related to a course my client is developing with me on children’s self-protection.   Topics included the following:   Peer Pressure Peer pressure helps us understand the environment of most bullying amongst children and teenagers. We are specifically looking at the 7-11 age range in this instance and here many major developments occur with regards to how children socially interact. Being tribal by nature, humans […]

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“When Parents Aren’t Around” Denmark 2019 (Part 2)


10.11.19   “When Parents Aren’t Around” Children’s Self-Protection Seminar in Denmark (Part 2)   The second day of my children’s self-protection seminar in Denmark mainly focused on anti-grappling and anti-abduction, but we also covered transitioning through postures and regaining the initiative.   The seminar began with a revision of yesterday’s warm-up where we began with commentary walking, promoting awareness of environment and we gradually increased our heart rates to draw attention of changing cognitive abilities. We then drilled in escaping […]

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