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Dominating from the Top Position (diary entry)

Striking from the mounted position1

20.03.19   Tonight I had a special hour and a half lesson with my veteran client. We continued training MMA ground fighting, focusing on the top position that was introduced last week.   The warm-up consisted of various ground crawling and snaking movements before moving onto a transitioning drill. This drill was then layered with submissions. It was then layered with strikes. We worked a lot on capturing arms and keeping the hips low throughout the transitions. Next we looked […]

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Tyre-d Training (diary entry)


18.10.18   Tonight saw the final lesson in my client’s current course of Western Boxing for Mixed Martial Arts. We looked at putting everything together, revising the entire course, and also some new restrictions, using a tractor tyre, to build better upper body mobility.   Training began with a warm-up on the tractor tyre. The surface area of the tyre promotes better balance and awareness of foot placement. We moved around the tyre’s rim, angling off and changing stance. Then […]

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