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Teacher Development Programme: Submissions (diary entry)

Guard Teacher Development (1)

23.11.2021 Tuesday night’s first lesson brought my teacher development programme, booked by Denmark’s Holstebro Taekwondo Klub via Zoom, to a conclusion for this year. This was an extra 12th hour added on in order to better round off the ground-figthing/submission grappling section. Fortunately due to the experience, knowledge and adaptability of my client and his assistant teacher, we have been able to cover a surprising amount of material. Tonight we finished off the top position with some work on arm-locks […]

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Low Kicks, Double Legs and the Americana (diary entry)

low kick jamie

04.05.20   The eighth hour of this client’s current course in Mixed Martial Arts training continued in lockdown. My client is self-isolated with a partner who has agreed to train with us. Tonight we spent time working on some low-kick combinations, two versions of the double leg takedown and Americana from side control.   We began with our usual warm up of dynamic stretching and sport-specific callisthenics. My two clients then partnered off for some footwork. This was followed by […]

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Closing up Side Control, Stack Escape & Specific Sparring (diary entry)


28.01.20 Tuesday night’s first lesson brought my client up to the eighth hour of his Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting course. My client was interested in a closer examination of his performance via sparring. We ended up focusing on aspects of attacking from the top and defending against stacking in the guard. The lesson began with an overview of the various ground-fighting callisthenics before going straight into 4 x 2 minute rounds of sparring. This is unusually short for submission grappling which usually […]

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Kimura Lock Position (diary entry)


  19.10.19   The third hour of my juniors’ basic course in submission grappling/ground-fighting revised the pin transition drill and also covered the drill from the other side. We then focused on side control and the Kimura grip.   We warmed up with bear crawls, lizard crawls, seal crawls, monkey crawls and snaking/shrimping. Then we went through the entire pin transition sequence. At each stage I discussed setting up various traps and controlling the head and limbs. Once the clockwise […]

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Putting the Pinning Drill Together (diary entry)


10.10.19   The second of my two junior clients’ first course on Basic Submission Grappling finished off their pin transitioning and introduced them to their first submissions.   Training began with various top position callisthenics for submission grappling such as the various crawls and also some snaking/shrimping. We then moved onto the pin transition drill. We revised side control, adjusted scarf-hold, north-south position, scarf-hold again and then the knee-pin. Here I corrected hip positioning and maintaining good weight distribution. Different […]

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The Kimura Grip & Completing the Pins (diary entry)

kimura 2

20.08.19   My client reached the fourth hour of his Basic Course on Submission Grappling for Martial Arts Cross Training. Tonight we finished the basic pin series, looking at knee-pin (knee-on-stomach), reverse scarf-hold and full mounted position. No new specific submission techniques were introduced. We looked at the versatility of the Kimura key-lock and also used the arm-bar, the arm-triangle and the Americana key-lock.   We warmed up with a straight series of crawling calisthenics – no agility equipment this […]

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Transition, Position, Submission (diary entry)


13.08.19   The third hour of my client’s course on Basic Submission Grappling moved us onto submissions from adjusted scarf-hold, north south and resistance-based work. I reinforced the importance of consolidating positions and maintaining pressure as well as tactile awareness throughout the transitioning. It is not good enough to just teach individual positions and submissions. The maxim “position before submission” cannot be emphasised enough, but I think it should be prefixed with “transition before position”. The top position should be […]

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Side Control (diary entry)


06.08.19   The second of my client’s first basic course in Submission Grappling/Ground Fighting confirmed basic pin transitions and looked at three basic submissions.   We began with a series of ground calisthenics – bear crawls, lizard crawls, frog jumps, snaking (forwards/backwards/sideways), monkey crawls and agility ladder drills.   Next we moved onto the pin transitions. This was an exercise introduced in the previous lesson to familiarise my client the basic pinning positions and how to move efficiently from one […]

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Ground ‘n Pound Begins! (diary entry)


26.07.2018   This evening saw the beginning of my client’s first lesson in MMA ground-fighting. As the title suggests, this will involve both striking and submission work from top and underneath positions. My starting point for this course was to look at establishing strong pins and transitioning through pins to work the top position. In order to do this the fighter needs to have specifically trained core muscles. He needs to be able to coordinate weight distribution, maintain firm stability […]

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