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Postures in Self-Protection (diary entry)

Defence from guard to standing7

22.10.20 My teenage client’s sixth hour in self-protection focused entirely on asymmetrical ground-fighting and the post-fight phase. We warmed up with some simple callisthenics and dynamic stretches, directly relevant to the training we were about to undertake. This included shadowing pre-emptive strikes and covers. Then we moved into transitioning from different postures. On its own, this particular exercise is a great warm-up routine and a simple way to reinforce efficient recovery from compromised positions. Each posture transition was isolated and […]

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Aftermath Webinar in Denmark (diary entry)

aftermath denmark2

13.09.20 Hinnerup Karate, Denmark, kindly booked me to teach the third part of my basic soft skills trilogy of webinars. This particular online session concerns the aftermath. I took the attendees through a range of post-incident problems and methods for handling them. We discussed the double-tap, including immediate reprisals, secondary threats and hazards. Then we discussed short-term safety points and how to establish them, allies and safe havens. Tactical escape was addressed again and why this must be trained as […]

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Soft Skills III – The Aftermath (diary entry)

webinar 3

05.07.20 Sunday saw the third and final part of my online adaptation of soft skills for self-protection, hosted by Keiryu Practical Karate. As the name indicates, this particular webinar focused entirely on post-fight material. I will be repeating this webinar with Hinnerup Karate. Topics included the double tap, escaping to safety, first aid, the law and the Black Dog. Please see below list of reference material mentioned in this presentation: Unconsciousness and Death – Surviving an Edged Weapon Attack Risk […]

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