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Guards for Stand-up Combat Sports Seminar/Webinar (diary entry)

Screen Shot 2021-12-28 at 12.57.43

27.12.2021 The day after Boxing Day I was kindly invited to teach a webinar streamed directly into Kajuen Ryu’s class and shared with online teachers and students in the UK and Europe. The subject was guards for stand-up (full-contact) combat sports. Throughout the 20th century guards have evolved and branched off into a variety of directions. They are dictated by the individual – their physical make-up in relation to the majority of their likely opponents and their personality. I did […]

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Adapting Combination 14 (diary entry)

Straight right

17.05.21 Monday night’s lesson provided me with an interesting challenge. My two partner clients arrived at number 14 again, for the first time on the focus mitts, and there were a few adaptations I needed to make for one of them. You may recall during our previous Zoom sessions that one of my two clients underwent a knee operation. He trained all the way up to the operation and only took out one less afterwards. We have been working hard […]

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Kickboxing Combinations 1-8 (diary entry)

kickboxing private lesson muay thai mary2

19.01.21 My teacher consultancy session continued our prepping for the Dutch inspired Muay Thai combinations. This session we not only covered the seventh and eighth combinations but also went back through all the previous material. That is quite some feat, given the complexity of these sets and further evidence that training in them speeds up our muscle memory and retention of knowledge. Like my other clients, my teacher client and her daughter both picked up the new combinations faster than […]

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Clinch Exiting (diary entry)

Knee strike to head from clinch

17.03.20   Tonight’s teacher training continued our stand-up work in Dutch Kickboxing inspired training drills and we moved onto using the clinch as a counter to punching combinations.   The lesson began with our now usual warm-up of low kick exchanges. This then increased to double-kick exchanges. I then brought in the 1, 2, 3 combinations. Building off the set combinations we used in the previous two lessons, we one partner through a strike then two strikes and a combination […]

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Muay Thai Spotlight (diary entry)

shin block

11.05.19   Saturday’s first private lesson brought my client’s course up to the seven and a half hour point. This is a tailored course focused on developing his Muay Thai/stand-up fighting and Submission Grappling separately. Every lesson up to this point has been split into these two disciplines. However, this morning’s lesson was entirely dedicated to Muay Thai advanced combinations and techniques.   We began with four rounds of progressive sparring. This sparring gradually increased in pressure was primarily used […]

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