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Beyond the 4 Punches of Boxing (diary entry)

odd punches

16.02.19   The second lesson of the morning was the penultimate lesson of my two junior clients’ 10 hour course on Basic Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training worked on bringing everything together. We also spent some time on different jabs, the L-step, getting out of corners, drawing an attack, the overhand and body shots.   We went straight into working the 11 punch combination as a progressive warm-up. Starting with light movements, designed to promote coordination we then moved […]

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Jab Variations (diary entry)

jab anatomy

  04.12.1 8   The seventh hour of my client’s Basic Western Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training course brought us back to the first punch: the jab. We spent time looking at different types of jab and the art of outside boxing. After a warm-up of mirror footwork, focusing on different tactics (cutting off the ring, escaping from corners, controlling the centre of the ring and moving in and out) and upper body movement (slipping, bobbing and weaving, and […]

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