Tactical Jab (diary entry)

jabBoxing Jab15.11.2022

Tuesday night brought my client up to second hour of his second current boxing course (his third in total). We focused on breaking down the jab and its applications. This week we looked at five tactical ways to use this particular punch.

The jab is a weapon that is not just used to score the fastest points at range or to set up other strikes, it is the best for manipulating an opponent’s guard. Tonight we looked at this particular strategy and covered the following five tactics, suggested by SalBoxing (Cuban Boxing).

Before we looked at these tactics, I covered some basic work on the guard, ensuring my client had a strong defence when attacking. We also warmed up with some simple footwork drills, including the contralateral and ipsilateral punching advances and retreats along with some peek-a-boo work.

  1. To raise the guard – This is done aiming high on an opponent’s guard. It can be followed up with a power punch to the body.
  2. To break the guard – Here we used the power jab both in its classic form (think Sonny Liston) and in the Cuban style. I like to sometimes tag that onto a step jab.
  3. Between the guard – Throwing a vertical fist jab to pass between an opponent’s guarding arms.
  4. To lower the guard – The pawing jab is brought in to set up a body jab which bring the guard down in order for a power straight right to score to the head.
  5. Bait the guard – Drawing an opponent’s hands away from their guard by firing a jab too short.

The lesson then finished with 3 x 3 minute rounds (2 x jab vs everything & 1 x freestyle)


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