Switching Guards, Stances & Footwork (diary entry)

diary sparring virtual10.09.20

The second lesson of my client’s new course on boxing began on Thursday night. We went through different guards and incorporating different footwork patterns.

The lesson began with the usual warm-up of dynamic stretching and sport specific callisthenics. Then we revised the diamond step set up along with the peek-a-boo slipping, rolling and pullback. We specifically covered the slipping unique to this style of boxing. Next we moved onto back-peddling and shuffles to set up jabs when circling an opponent. From here we went back over the Philly Shell and looked at appropriate back-step footwork. This led us onto a switch-hitting drill and then the cross-arm cover.

The lesson finished with 2 x 2 minute rounds of virtual pad-work and 2 x 2 minute rounds of virtual sparring.


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