Switch-Kick/Single Leg Takedown (diary entry)

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Hour four of my couple client’s Mixed Martial Arts course continued with our work using kicks to set up takedowns. We also stayed with the inside calf-kick entry. Tonight’s combination was a setup for the single leg. Unlike the double-leg, this takedown requires more to get on the blindside of the opponent. In order to get this angle, we used a double-kick attack. The calf-kick is immediately followed up with a switch-kick off the same leg that leaves the fighter in a mirror side stance attacking on the blind side angle. From here a lead hook punch is thrown in to provide the necessary distraction upstairs to shoot for the single-leg takedown.

We trained this first as a simple targeting exercise and then, as before, increased resistance levels to the point of a drill and finally as specific sparring.

The lesson finished 3 x 5 minute rounds of sparring. This is the first time, my clients have sparred under this rule-set for this length of time.


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