Switch-Kicks & Switch-Hitting (diary entry)

kick catch 423.08.21

Hour seven of my couple client’s course on switch-hitting in kickboxing combined the action of the switch-kick with the tactic of switch-hitting. Usually the switch-kick only momentarily switches their stance in order to put more power into their lead leg. There are variations, such as the step-kick and the “no-switch” switch-kick, but the traditional switch-kick doesn’t really commit to a stance change and fighters are trained not to change levels as it will telegraph the kick. However, in this instance the fighter seeks the outside leg of their opponent with their rear leg, putting them in the mirror side position that we have been training for the past seven hours. He then has the option of establishing that position and fight as a southpaw (or as an orthodox fighter if used against a southpaw boxer) or to finish in his original stance where he might throw a lead teep or move away.

We covered two combinations:

  1. Switch stance with a hook and a switch-kick. Here the rear hand lands with a hook as it becomes the lead hand and the fighter moves to the mirror side of the opponent’s lead leg and then lands a round kick with his opposite leg to his opponent’s mid-section.
  2. Switch-kick/kick to inside leg/knee strike. The combination is lead with the switch kick to mid-section. The fighter then uses the same leg to kick to the inside of the opponent’s leg to destabilise him and then, again with the same kicking leg, he throws a spear or diagonal knee strike to the mid-section or head.

The lesson finsihed with 2 x 3 minute rounds of sparring, working on switch-hitting and mirror side tactics.


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