Switch-Hitting Finale (diary entry)

vagabond warriors boxing snip313.09.21

Monday night’s first lesson was the final hour of my switch-hitting course. We used the lesson to focus purely on principles, tactics and strategies rather than specific combinations or techniques. We began with using 1920s ace featherweight ring general, Benny Leonard, as our inspiration for dealing with southpaws. This involved remembering to angle off and being fluid with different types of jab rather than fighting for the outside of the lead foot. We acknowledged the clear danger of facing the power hand. After drilling this a few times it was applied in a combination-for-combination drill. Then we switched it as a southpaw tactic against an orthodox fighter who insists on fighting from outside the lead foot. Finally, we integrated both sides into the bigger strategy. Here we fought or fainted going for the outside lead foot before angling off and rapidly switching stance. Next we addressed using stance-switching into counter-attacks again. It is important to note that actual switch-hitting is not a continuous style but more continual or even done at irregular intervals. A regular switch-hitter can take big risks in having slower transitional movements. The lesson finished with sparring: four rounds of boxing followed by four rounds of kickboxing.


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