Switch-Hitting (diary entry)

Balmoral Special03.08.19


Saturday’s lesson saw the conclusion of this client’s specific course on stand-up fighting. We have been looking to better develop a stronger all-round Western Boxing and Kickboxing/Muay Thai skills with my client. Although we covered the material I wanted to on this course, the next block will include some extra work on countering the southpaw. Today’s lesson was all about switch-hitting.


We began with some dynamic stretching and then onto our recent regular routine of agility/coordination training. We focused more on the angle work – L-step and V-step. Then I introduced a switch-hitting drill. The exercise involves shifting forward with a jab, angling off for a lead hook and then stepping back for an uppercut, all using the same hand. Once in a different stance the drill resumes from that side and so on. This can be done for up to 90 seconds. Next we switched the punch for kicks – teep, angle off on a round kick and step back for a spear knee. Finally we did a set with each of the punches paired with the previous set of kicks.


The lesson finished two rounds of the following combination – first performed orthodox and then southpaw – jab/cross/shovel hook/low round kick/jab/cross/spear knee/jab/high round kick.

The boxing version of the drill mentioned above:

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