Switch-Hitting Course Begins! (diary entry)

Boxing southpawvagabond warriors boxing snip305.07.21

My client couple began their new course on switch-hitting/southpaw/same side stand-up figthing on Monday night. We looked to promote fluid transitioning through stances and then tactics for same side fighting.

The warm-up included three flow shadow drills involving striking, transitioning, striking through one stance to another. We used jab/hook/uppercut then teep/round kick/long knee before putting them together for jab & teep/hook & round kick/uppercut & long knee.

My clients then drilled a boxing set-up for same side fighting. I also introduced the up-jab, which is a very useful tool for southpaws and when fighting southpaws as well as the jabbing cross for the same reason. We used a basic jab to set up a step onto the outside of the opponent’s lead foot, followed by an up-jab from the outside, loading a lead hook and followed by a straight rear hand. This was first performed as a partner drill working on footwork and movement, keeping to the outside, and then onto the focus mitts. Next time we will add in kickboxing/muay Thai elements.