Sweep to Single Leg (diary entry)

single leg 221.09.19

Saturday saw the final lesson of my two junior clients’ course on stand-up grappling/clinch. We revised all the material over the course also had another look at the hip-throw. I also brought in a sweep-single-leg combination and covered a couple of ways to get a pin, which will move us nicely into the submission grappling course that will follow.

The lesson began with an energetic series of exercises. After some basic dynamic stretching and callisthenics, we did some mirror footwork and movement games. Then we moved onto bulling, pummelling and drilling various positions and takedown entries.

Next we concentrated on the hip-throw. We looked the set-up for breaking an opponent’s posture and I also showed both my clients a simple solo exercise they can practice.

The first of two new techniques was the foot-sweep into a single leg. The second was the quarter-nelson into side-control.

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