Sweep Combinations for Clinch (diary entry)



Tonight’s lesson brought my client up to the fifth hour of his clinch/stand-up grappling course. We looked more at using sweeps and Judo style takedowns as well as tightening up positioning and an introduction to sparring.


The lesson began with sets of breakfalls and rolls. This was followed with bulling (neck and elbow-tie), pummelling (over-hook, under-hook), drilling arm-drags, drilling arm-drag counters and drilling two-on-one arm holds. Then we did some grip-fighting sparring. This sparring was restricted only to fighting for positions, helping to build confidence on making strong entries, defending against grips and establishing strong grips.


Next we moved back onto the major outer reap throw. This was trained as a series of entries then as takedowns. Then we looked at sweeps to set up takedowns. This moved onto combining sweeps with single-leg takedowns.

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