Surprise Visit (diary entry)

26.04.20train along workshop

During this period of lockdown where the nation is being told to apply social distancing measures with everyone but those they are self-isolating with, video conferencing has become an increasingly popular medium. This weekend I learnt that the ever-progressive, supportive and generally brilliant people of Keiryu Karate were going to hold a small Zoom training session using my full MMA shadow sparring workout. I have been honoured to receive reports from various martial artists who have given the video a go and even provided videos of them doing the workout (please keep them coming!) However, I saw an opportunity to gatecrash such an occasion and, with the kind permission of Keiryu Karate leader Lee Mullan, became part of the Sunday morning workout.

After going through the 10 minute warm-up with them all, I took time aside before the first round to go through various techniques to help members get the most out of their workout.

Check out the full routine below. Don’t forget to “like” the video, “subscribe” to the channel and leave a comment. If you or your club would like me to assist with a train along, run a webinar or take a class, please get in touch!