Submissions from the Guard (diary entry)

triangle choke



This morning’s lesson took my client up to the six hour mark of a scheduled 10 hour course on basic submission grappling/groundwork for martial arts cross training. We finished off our basic escape from pins training and moved onto closed-guard work.


The warm-up consisted of all specific groundwork calisthenics and mobility exercises, especially movements from the back. Then we revised escaping side control and scarf-holding using both a reversal and snaking escape. We then finished off this series focusing on the mount. From here we looked at getting to the closed-guard position. The first sweep I tend to teach from the closed-guard utilises the Kimura grip. The fighter had already learnt the Kimura submission when executing it from the top position. The sweep works when the opponent sits back in the guard and postures, usually to begin standing up. When the opponent leans forward into a safety position the Kimura grip is utilised as a submission.


We then covered the basic leg submissions from closed guard. This began with the arm-bar, focusing on closing gaps as much as possible throughout the submission. Next we did the same with the triangle choke.

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