Submission Revision (diary entry)


Hour three of my couple clients’ course on Submission Grappling/Ground Fighting became a technical revision of the material covered in the previous lesson. After a warm-up of various crawls (training specific exercises for ground fighting) I watched them go back over the pinning transition drill and the three submissions from side control: Americana, Kimura, Snake Choke and Arm Triangle. We also went over the scarf-hold versions of these submissions.

Takeaway Points from the Lesson:

  • When learning these submissions, always make it a habit to be totally confident your pin is secure before isolating the area to be submitted. Like all martial arts techniques, if the position is good the technique almost creates itself.
  • Get used to performing the “Kimura Grip” as a muscle memory exercise. Like all grips, you should be able to secure it through tacticle sensitivity rather than being reliant on sight.
  • Use your head as an extra and very important limb when securing most positions. Be conscious of your head positioning at all times.
  • Be careful about repositioning when compressing. As soon as an opponent senses you are releasing any pressure they will instinctively wedge the gap you have provided and the submission will become more difficult. Watch how constricting snakes secure their prey; they stangle by continued progressive movement.
  • Train all submissions slowly and patiently in order to train them properly.



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