Submission Grappling Overview (diary entry)

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Thursday night saw the penultimate lesson in my client’s return to Mixed Martial Arts course. Tonight we focused on submission grappling, trying to cover all the fundamentals of the ground game. After a warm-up of sport specific and muscle activation exercises, we covered the following basic topics:

  • Top Position Transitioning – flow drill and with mild resistance
  • Top Position Transition Escapes
  • Top Position Submissions – Americana, Kimura, arm triangle, snake-choke, north south choke and reverse arm-triangle from all six basic pins where applicable.
  • Guard Transitioning – flow drill
  • Guard Hip Escape
  • Guard Hip Bump Sweep
  • Closed Guard Submissions – Kimura, arm-bar, triangle choke and omoplata
  • Closed Guard Pass Through
  • Closed Guard Stack and Pass Under


Time constraints meant that turtling wasn’t covered.


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