Submission Grappling Overview Continues (diary entry)



Saturday morning continued my client’s Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting course where he booked in a special two-hour session. This brought his current course up to the four and a half hour mark. We spent the first hour going back through pins, transitions and submissions from the top position. The second hour focused on guard passing and submissions from the guard.


We began the session with a run through of specific grappling callisthenics. This included exercise for both top position and underneath (escapes and guard). Next we did four sets of transitioning through pins. From here we revised the submissions covered last Friday from each position followed by an escape drill. The escape drill was various escape and counter attacks to the various pins. This section finished with 2 x 5 minute rounds of specific sparring from the top position.


We then moved onto guard passing. From the combat base guard pass we looked at attacking with the ankle-lock as well as the pass. Then we went through the stacking pass.


The lesson was finished with details on the arm-bar, triangle choke and omoplata (shoulder-lock) submissions.

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