Striking & Submission Combinations (diary entry)




This morning’s lesson brought us to the seven and a half hour point of my client’s 10 hour course in Basic Mixed Martial Arts for Martial Arts Cross-Training. Our theme was ground-fighting combinations from the top position. We looked at revising all transitions from different pins and submissions, isolating striking from the various pins and then combining them. A key point being made throughout the lesson was how much a well-executed, strong position can give a fighter. A good position means that little work needs to be done to use the appropriate striking or submission technique. We also looked at how striking and submitting complement each other in a combination, one often setting the other up in a way that should be obvious to the fighter holding the pin.


The warm-up section follows my current regular programme of muscle-memory drills used to promote MMA specific fighting tactics. This begins with mirror footwork with added lowering levels to prepare for grappling as well as strike-based attacks. Punch targeting followed with sprawling and knee strikes. I also put in sit-outs to take the back. This was then combined with bulling and punch-targeted breakaways. Next over-hook/under-hook pummelling, the Thai plum and knee striking inside the clinch.  We then moved onto takedown entries combined with punches and kicks.


The lesson moved to its main focus: groundwork. We began with pin transitioning. Once this was fluid enough, we introduced submissions at each pinning point. Submission opportunities also became apparent during the transitioning phases. Next we looked at striking opportunities through the pins, using Thai pads for greater contact. Finally each pin included striking and submission combinations. This entire section of the class was then tested in specific sparring.  DSC_0446

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