Striking Set-ups for Takedowns (diary entry)

mma takedowndouble leg takedown shadow01.09.21

Wednesday night’s 1.5 hour lesson continued my client’s MMA work from the previous week. We are exploring eight set-ups for double-leg takedowns. Each of tonight’s four alternated between right and left double leg takedowns.

Combination 1: This one was a nice continuation from the single combination we explored last week. After leading with a jab, the fighter feints a single leg takedown with an inside leg tap from the same side that is used to set up an overhand right that, in turn, is used to create momentum and hide a change to southpaw for a double leg takedown shot.

Combination 2: This time we set up for double leg off an orthodox stance. The fighter set up his attack using a jab, but this time he feinted to the outside of the opponent’s lead leg. This action was performed as if using a straight right and loaded a lead hook to the head. Whereas the first combination had the dynamic of a jab high/jab low before throwing the overhand. This one used something very much akin to jab high/straight right low before hooking off the left. The combination finishes with the double-leg shot coming off the lead leg.

Combination 3: This combination was all about drawing an opponent into traps for the takedown set-up and very much favours the counter-puncher: Back Up – Cross – Double Jab & Angle Off – Step Back into Southpaw & Right Hook – Double Leg Shot (southpaw).

Combination 4: This one is more Dutch in flavour in that it promotes a more back and forth flow. After a conventional jab/cross opening, the coach prompts the fighter to sprawl. Moving off this defensive move, the fighter uses the upward driving momentum to fire in a rear uppercut. From here the fighter chains on a lead hook and a straight right before shooting for the double leg off an orthodox stance.

We then sparred for 2 x 5 minute rounds of MMA before a 10 minute warm-down stretch.


I would like to extend my gratitude to the great Jeff Chan of Martial Arts Shredded for yet more great ways to chain techniques.




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