Striking from Knee-Pin & Mount (diary entry)

04.08.18Striking from the knee pin1


This morning, my client completed the third hour of his 10 hour course on Mixed Martial Arts Ground-Fighting. We focused combinations from the knee-pin and mounted position, and then tied them together in a complete conditioning exercise to promote technique muscle-memory.


Today’s training method was to establish the pin, isolate strikes from the pin, put the strikes into a combination, add on appropriate submissions and then link the pins. Strikes and submissions were taught as a means for a fighter to go from one to the other and back again, allowing for the resistance of the opponent, whilst maintaining a strong pin and a strong transition to another pin.


We warmed up with a series of exercises mainly focused on strengthening the top position. This included multi-directional bear crawls, frog jumps, reverse hill climb/planks and criss-cross hill climbers. This was in addition to other submission grappling style conditioning drills such as snaking/shrimping and sit-outs.


We then revised side and vertical hammer-fist strikes from side-control and scarf-hold before moving onto the knee-pin. Here we trained hammer-fist/cross combination, progressing into an arm-bar. The full combination ended up three sets of hammer-fist/crosses and one arm bar. This was trained on both sides with attention paid to the transition. The mount was then introduced with shovel hook/overhand/overhand/shovel hook/side hammer-fist/overhand/side hammer-fist/overhand as the combination. We then added on an Americana to each hammer-fist/overhand combination. This series of striking/submission combinations from pins was combined into a single set to be performed five times. Striking from the mounted position1

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