Strike to Grapple to Strike (diary entry)

Knee strike to head from clinch OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 75196487_3134588279945187_7499561744096821248_n21.01.20


My second Tuesday night lesson: my teaching consultancy sessions continued with Dirty Boxing and striking in the clinch. Tonight we looked at turning strikes into grips and general inside transitioning.


We began with a warm-up of bulling with the collar and elbow tie and under-hook/over-hook pummelling. Throughout this I cued in freezing to check for balance points. This was layered in last time. This time I also added in looking for actual sweeps and takedowns. This would crop up again with one of the last combinations.


We then looked at the long range or straight hook. This technique comes out like a jab, but changes into a hook at the last moment. The technique is often executed after a double jab or flicker jab, sneaking around an opponent’s guard. Next we used this to bring in a typical Randy Couture type attack. The hook becomes a collar tie, the uppercut becomes an under-hook and the shovel hook might become an over-hook. We worked to keep the transition between the strike and the grip seamless which is the trick with Dirty Boxing. The fighter either purposefully uses a strike to gain a grip or they adapt to the opponent’s reactions. Likewise, when using a grappling technique a striking technique is then thrown to take advantage of the compromised position.


We discussed the use of the cover as a means to attaining different grappling attack lines. Then we covered striking to pummelling as standard combination.


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